The Eddie is probable for tomorrow

Just watched the 10pm news from Honolulu and 50 ft. waves are forecast for the north shores.  Maybe not as big as the 1969 swell, but at least as big as the 1990 swell that caused considerable damage on the north shore of Oahu.  Decision to be made at 7 am for the Eddie.  I'm going to drive over to watch the waves at Jaws here on Maui.  Only a few chances in a lifetime to experience waves this size.  A sleepless night for sure for the guys who plan to paddle out in the morning.


Richard McCormick



I hope you get some real nice waves!! Take care and be respectful!


I´d like to be there to see that show!





PD: I´ve a passion to big guns, tow boards, ! :slight_smile:

I would love to see pics, hint hint hint!!!>


Im absolutely not a big wave surfer but i'd love to see waves that big, and possibly ( ok definately, it IS hawaii!! ) being surfed. I cant comprehend how big those waves would be ha ha

The word this morning was that it is not a go for today.  Large but very choppy conditions with the main swell still expected later this morning.  All eyes are therefore on tomorrow for a possible GO!



How is the traffic over there…some one(early this morning) in the water at Bowls…talked to someone who said it was gridlocked…and that was before the sun was up! 


What do you think Kelly will ride?  Maybe at a solid 35 foot he'll pull out his 6'2'' rhino chaser!!

ahhh the advantage of living in Pupukea.

Here in Socal, Wed/Thurs are the days. Premier spots going 20+ ft on the face. Thurs/Fri might have problematic winds.

C street on Wed for me,Thurs up in the air…although C street would be preferable,  maybe Blacks or SilverStrand on Friday.

Wow, so refreshing to see the Eddie was broadcast live on the net thru quicksilver and fuel tv.

They will run the broadcast two more times I believe, hope some of you guys can enjoy it.