The end is near

How long before someone puts one of these on a surfboard?

God help us.

I’ve actually seen a surfboard styled craft in Popular Science that had a small motor inside the hull.

"i fly until my gas tanks are empty "

[and , THEN ??? …uh oh …]

hahahahahhhh … CLASSIC , mate !!!

I think those things would be a 'little" too fast for surfing …1000 metres in 30 seconds ???

… trippy , maaaan !

cheers for that jimmi , keep up the good work !


Now that’s fat !!!

I wish I was still skydiving…I think skydiving/basejumping is just starting to really evolve.


I thought

Superturtle is green,

Superman is blue,

Supercow is purple,

So what the @#%@$# is this???