the family that plays together ................

okay ,

following on from bernie and harry’s comedy company in the resurrected ''show us your shaping bay" thread …

who surfed in YOUR family …

your brother [s] ?


parents ?

grandparents ?

Also , was anyone else in your family a shaper ?

For me , as a 10 year old , it was my 15 year old brother who was my main influence . He was hooked , well and truly …salt water nasal sauce every dinner time . I was impressed , even if my folks and sister weren’t .

ben[strike] [/strike]

I’m an “only child.” My brothers have other interest. One can barely swim. Mike

only me. my folks grew up in nyc before coming to Panama in the 50s. always doin something in the ocean here.

So, my father was a gymnast in his youth, and i recall in the 70s watching a sports show with him, somehting like CBS World of Sports with him once and there was the Pipe Masters on it - Rory Russell winning that one - anyhow, i recall my old man being real intersted in it, cuz the the ‘gymnastic’ stuff going on. he mentioned how if he were younger he’d be doing that.

a few year later - i’m ‘doin it’ right? – and i aquire the label his ‘lazy, pot-smoking, surfer son’.

go figure.

My dad went AWOL from the Air Force in the late 60’s/early 70’s for two years touring California with a couple of surfer chicks. That’s when he discovered surf, drugs, and with two chicks…I sure hope those memories carried over to his time in Leavenworth.

I surfed with him once in 1997 at a little shore break/ barbeque/ beach party. He grabbed my short board and stood up and rode a few waves. I got the AWOL story out of him the next day.

-Edit- I kept asking why and how he could surf and he reluctantly told me the AWOL story.

Just me, black sheep.

Awol story – you fa real? If so, that’s one good story.

so gettin back to the point - my kids 13 (by) and 10 (grl) now ride body boards, so occasionally we surf together. they’re still kind of intimidated by some of the waves i go out to - not that they’re any big deal - but to a kid a long paddle or overhead wave can be trippy. I get a kick outta ‘talkin surf’ with them. occasionally they have a drawing/painting ‘contest’ of who can do the better pic of Dad surfing. :smiley:

None of my previous anscestors, nor siblings surf. Their loss! My son is just now transitioning from boogie boards to surfboards and my daughter (8) is still in boogieboard mode. My wife is a very strong swimmer - better than I am for sure - but doesn’t go in the ocean much around here since she says it’s dirty. She’s right, but… Anyway, the kids and I also ride skateboards quite a bit.

This photo seems to fit the thread title:

grew up listening to stories of my dad coast-trippin’ with his boys back in the day.

they usually went something like – “back in my day, we didn’t have surfline…we had to just wake up at 4:30 in the morning and go…and 4 hours later, we’d get up to cocoa and it’d be flat.”

or – “you REEEAAAALLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY missed it…you shoulda been here about 15 minutes ago…i tell ya, it was as glassy as i’ve ever seen it…all blown out now, though.”

and then there’s that summer he was in california…how he got in a car accident on PCH and someone stole his Dave Sweet while he was tending to a broken arm…if anyone finds it, lemme know!

Older brother surfed, but didn’t meet him until recently, father was U.D.T., haven’t met him yet. Adopted older sister tried, thats where my first board came from.

Wife surfs, that’s where we met, in the ocean. Her father started in the 50’s, just passed a couple years ago, and was still charging at 66.

Our son is picking it up, third generation, “No choice son,”, said I.

" It’s in your blood." Thank God for surf.

Howzit chip, I am the only surfer in my family,I have 1 older brother and had a younger sister but they never were into it. My father hated surfing and the fact that I was one.My parents never did a thing for me, not even give me a ride to the beach. Had to buy every board myself by saving money from odd jobs and a paper route. When my dad was dying he told me that the reason was because he always wanted to live in the tropics but instead became a father of 3 and was actually jealous of my free thinking surfer life style and in the end he told me he was proud of me for living life on my own terms. Aloha,Kokua

My parents nor siblings surfed. My older sisters first husband did and we’d done a number of surf trips together.

My son surfs. Got him started when he was six, he’s now 28. My daughters oldest girl is after me to make her a board. I’ve given her a few lessons so far and now her younger brother is bugging grandpa to go surfing. So in a few years we’ll have 3 generations surfing.

We’ll take our own crowd to the beach.


Awol story -- you fa real? If so, that's one good story.

Yep that’s for real. I’m sure that he’s smiling right now too.

I hooked my Dad onto surfing and occasionally my sister try’s to do it and look cool but just makes a fool of herself.

only one in myblood relations to still surf…heard some rumors about a couple of cousins that used to surf…but they all seemed to drop out…my father always wanted to learn when he was younger, but growing up in colorado and raising a family seemed to get in the way…not to mention he is not too crazy about swimming… that said my father in law and i are threating to take my dad on a road trip to baja when i move back to the sates and get him on a 11 footer… as you can tell my wifes dad surfs and so does she…her brother will when he remembers he has a wetsuit and a ton of boards lying around that he can barrow.

My Dad was a surfer back in the 40’s and 50’s, used to ride 16’ canvas covered hollow boards.

I started when I was 12 at Coogee Beach, carried a 8’ Keyo 5 miles to the beach and back, my doctors told my parents that salt water is good for excema…

Going to have to build a trolley for this coming summer, carrying 4 boards to the beach for my girls is getting a bit hard nowadays…