The farce continues

If people really knew what was going on, things would be waaaayyyy different. Guys getting paid to ride this guys board, but really riding that guys board (cause it works better and my life is on the line dude) with this guys sticker on it, or like when I saw Kelly’s board on the beach at Pipe, with glass-on fins and he had painted little black dots around the glass fins to simulate FCS! This sh!t happens regularly!! It’s all about the money, until your faced with something like Teahupoo! Then its about stickers! As far as the Surftech thing, I know tons of surfers who rip and buy boards. None of them will be buying a Surftech anytime soon. Sorry Randy. As far as the technology thing, Randy French made a comment that the technology for making these type of boards is not available here in the US. That’s the biggest bunch of bull I’ve ever heard. Actually it is, and has been for decades, and I could drive you to a couple of them. Problem is that the price would go way up, leaving old Randy out of the mix, because we actually give a sh!t about the environment, and we have what you would call regulations concerning said environment, which actually requires you to spend some money on your factory to be in compliance. Don’t really have to worry about that in Slovakia or Thailand. But hey, we don’t want to concern ourselves with such petty things right? As long as we make a buck, and don’t directly see the damage being done, it must not be happening. BTW those boards are made with the same types of materials that we use here, except add in automotive bondo for filler (makes dust) and automotive paint and clearcoat (fumes) which are not legal to spray in this country without a high-tech spray booth (minimum $50,000). The farce continues. Go US

Yes, the farce continues as more and more “pros” show what professional prostitution is. Here’s a good one. I saw an FCS team guy using Red-X fins with two circles painted on under each fin. How long do you think it will be before someone like Andy I. is riding a board painted to look molded? Not long I’ll wager. Thanks for the interesting rant.

It seems like someone said that the mags regularly alter logos somehow in photos.Maybe they ought to just shape giant logos and ride them. R.B.

hell I remember in the eighties when Martin Potter became sponsored soley by Gotcha when his wetsuits were still being made by Victory, pro surfing has been prostituting itself since it inception, thats its business.

I remember after Taylor Knox won the $50,000 big wave contest 5 or 6 years ago that I saw a couple of photos clearly showing different logos on the deck of his board. I can’t remember the issues but they were in a couple of shorty mags.