The first composit production fin made from 100% RECYCLED MATERIAL!!!

Thats right!

Here they are!


We have been working together on these fins for over a year to make sure they were right.

at 62g they are a minimum of 10g lighter than their industry counterparts.


We set out to make a more environmentally responsible that was AS GOOD AS the industry standard

What we got was a fin that was easily as tough, lighter and with a flex that is far more similar to fiberglass fins.


We are stoked at the outcome!

Hey congrats. They look gr8. 

I’m not so sure they are actually “the first”. Dorsal has a product line with 100% recycled material as well. No big, any effort toward recycling is a winner in my book!

Nice one DS!

Never heard of these guys.

Guess I should have put a “to my knowledge” disclaimer in there. hahaha

No worries… actually FCS has a Green version too.

It’s really cool to see the responsibility fin manufacturers are taking while offering high performance quality products. If you check out the Dorsal site (they also have a Facebook site) you’ll see they did a full line of tri, quad and single fins in 7, 8, 9, 10, and even 10" & 12" hatchet fins. They are clear, red, blue and black with varying degrees of flex.

They are getting ready to do a run of stiffer fins than their current “medium flex”, which I think are good for lighter riders up to 160 lbs. on HPSB’s but need a stiffer option for the big boy tri guys.

 I am sending them some plans to add fish fins to their line as every fish fin I’ve seen cost an arm and a leg!!!

Happy New Year!!! 

tod what is the chord thickness of that fin and area?

cheers huie