the future does not always redifine the past.

Can anyone please tell me who this robin kegel is.

I think he has something to do with Cream surfboards

he was also in Longboard mag from time to time

I think Ive seen him at foamez

personaly I dont know him

hope he’s a good guy

Ah, I always enjoy a cryptic post, but WTH?

Klatu nickto barada

I think he’s odduvon.

Mirror check.

No such thing as bad publicity.

Klatu nickto barada

translation please

Famous quote from the movie The day the earth stood still.

Rent the movie ,its a classic.

Oh ya!

thats what she said to get the robot to stop wiping us out.

do you think oddovon is Kegal?

We will have to ask Robbie the Robot but he’s stuck on The Forbiden Planet.

Another classic movie

well maybe mr. oddovon will man up and disclose his identity

on another note , have you seen “Ten million years to earth”

Yes but i dont remember it as well as these others.

Both of the Invasion of the body snatchers movies were pretty good.

heres a good cheezy B movie…



Can anyone please tell me who this oddovon is?

Maybe Robin knows !!




howbout the giant tirantula movie?



howbout the giant tirantula movie?

How about these gems?

“Attack of the Crab Monsters” (an on-topic oceanic motif)

“The Crawling Eye” (I never looked at on-topic ocean fog or mountain clouds the same again)

Invasion of the pea pod people or was it Body Snatchers

There was a whole bunch of scientific experiments gone wrong. Giant tarantula, giant grasshoppers, giant cotton tailed rabbits. The Crawling Eyes were from outer space and liked the cold mountains. The Blob with Steve McQueen. My daughter is watching the original I Am Legend at school with Vincent Price. Mike

the hell with Robin Keagal

the Crawling Eye !!! I saw that

what was the giant grasshopper movie called?


what was the giant grasshopper movie called?

“Beginning Of The End”

“Crops thrive on irradiated soil, thanks to the U.S. government, but so do grasshoppers.”

The French have a saying, translated “The more things change, the more they stay the same”…

Loved that one myself…I loved all those cheezer movies but especially flying saucer movies and the apocalyptic flicks…I didn’t want to grow up to be a great scientist, I wanted to grow up to be a mad scientist!

And then came surfing!