"The Future of Surfing Collective" -- Eco-Friendly Surfboard Manufacturing and Practices at Sacred Craft


CONTACT: Mark Marovich / Tel: 424-757-4687 / Email: maro@thegreenerblue.com

The Future of Surfing Collective will showcase the evolution of eco-friendly surfboards and materials at the Sacred Craft consumer surfboard show, March 19-20 in Santa Cruz, CA.  Modern materials and techniques can now produce sustainable surfboards of equivalent performance, durability, weight, and quality in comparison to traditional surfboard construction techniques.  From a consumer and a manufacturer’s standpoint, there are no longer any ‘fatal flaws’ for eco-friendly surfboards.

The Future of Surfing Collective will demonstrate every aspect of sustainable surfboards.  This includes the latest sustainable materials, the best techniques for using them to build high-performance boards, and education on the lifecycle of a sustainable surfboard from start to finish, and back to the start again. There will be live glassing demonstrations, educational resources, and plenty of finished eco-boards to inspect and most likely add to your quiver.

Organizations exhibiting in the Future of Surfing Collective (Booths D1-D6) will be:

The Greener Blue – Environmental Surfing Education and Online Retailer

Rerip – Surfboard Recycling, Community Outreach and Education

Save the Waves – Coastal Environmental Protection

Marko Foam – The first 100% Recycled EPS Foam Blank    

Entropy Resins – Non-VOC, Bio-Based Epoxy Resins

EcoBoardworks / Greenhouse Glassing  – The First 100% Green Surfboard Glass Shop

Imagine Surfboards – Eco-Friendly Surfboard and Stand-Up Paddleboard Brand

Guayaki – Market Driven Restoration of Rainforests

Participant and The Greener Blue (TGB) Founder, Mark Marovich, describes the experience for visitors, “As visitors enter the Future of Surfing Collective they will learn from start to finish what goes into an eco-friendly surfboard that will rip and help the planet at the same time.  We plan to have an interactive, ‘exploration’ type format for visitors which emphasizes how we as surfers and human beings can make more educated decisions about the materials that go into our boards and eventually the environment.”

Rey Banatao of Entropy Resins, a resin company that uses green chemistry and bio-based ingredients in its products states, “Eco-friendly materials and techniques have evolved now to a point of serious competition with ‘traditional’ materials in terms of performance and cost.  Furthermore, we can also provide transparency to consumers to show that these products really are a huge step in the right direction, as ‘green’ as we say”.                    

“Most surfers will not buy an eco-surfboard if it compromises performance, quality, durability, and good looks,” says Kevin Whilden of Imagine Surf.  “We are proud to say that we have succeeded in meeting each of these standards with our line of epoxy surfboards and SUPs.  In fact, some of our new techniques produce a board with superior performance for both surfing and reducing the impact of surfboards.” 

Clay Peterson of Marko foam, who started the industry's first blank scrap collection program in 2006 and launched the first blanks made from 100% recycled EPS at ‘Sacred Craft’ Ventura, 2009, states, “the Future of Surfing Collective is going to be a great learning experience for those who are interested in the latest sustainable board construction methods being used today to help propel a new category of high performance boards now entering the water.”

For more information about the Sacred Craft Surfboard show, please visit http://sacredcraftexpo.com/


There has been a strong underground movement involved in sustainable surfboard production for around 15 years or more. The aim has always been "performance" above all else. The use of the green label as an advertising "hook ", has always been downplayed because the public perception of green surfboards has infered a 'compromise' in performance , but we have moved past having to compromise performance many years back.  Interesting times ahead......you can smell it !