The "Garbage to sea" project

That’s my second wooden board (actually my third surfboard at all).

I found some wood trown in a bin outside a wood shop and did this.

Used a slight different method for rails compared to jensen and grain since I only had tick pieces to use.

different frame too.

pictures explain better than my english.


jigsaw, electric planer & sandpaper

Total cost:

5€ for glue

15€ for epoxi resin

Yes, I have to improve my resin tint skills

hope to try it tomorrow



wood pieces glued and then cut with the rail outline.

overlap of rail pieces and cut close to the final rocker

the rails slices are glued together and then glued to the bottom

finally glued a horizontal frame and placed longitudinal smaller strips working as beams…ok look at the pics

does anyone knows why I can’t see inline pictures?


Wow, Dave I love that. The rail method is well impressive, did you chamber out the rails to reduce any weight or not?

I love anything that uses free materials and turns them into something both functional and beautiful.

Job well done Dave!

Chipper, come home!

thank you Jase,

rails are not exactly overlap but they make a step to give into the rail section shape as shown in the picture

actually it is a bit more complicate 3D problem



Dig it!

-it would be cool if you just copied and past your pics into the posts.