The Globefish: #1 board, #1 HWS

Antman, go ahead with the work, I’m looking forward to see your board.

hi Pat, thanks for the help, epoxy is easy to use (maybe too easy) although (in my experience) you have to be carteful with laps. You also should avoid to glass far from mosquitos. my board is now dotted with little small mosquito’s leg wich may be confused with a smart paint work. I’m waiting for pics of your recent progress.

Chip, yes I glassed the board and vent it with a plastic bolt with a T shape drill. you can see it in the STOKED pic.

I posted a pic of a small surf day we had sunday.the only time my wife comes with me at the beach is when weather is warm and of course (in a small sea like the Adriatic) waves neglectable (but still ridable). we usually have to surf inside the low pressure

hope to post best conditions surf.


Hi Dave

I’m glueing on my deck tonight and will hopefully start on the rails later in the week. I wanted to ask you what glue you used for the rails? I was just going to use a contact adhesive. I see your rails were almost the right size when glueing unlike Paul Jensen’s method where he leaves alot of excess rail. How easy was it to line up the rails? Did you first glue on all the rail strips and then cut down to size or do one rail strip at a time? Glue cut, glue cut and so on? One more question. I see you used some sort of string for a leash plug. How did you seal the hole? Do you have lessons learned from the rails and leash plug?

Sorry for all the questions. It’s just that the building has been going good from my side (maybe a little too good) and I’m quite nervous about the rails. I just want to avoid messing up the board!



Antman, being nervous is part of the game. but after (only after) your board is finished you will realize that there is nothing you can do that you won’t be able to fix. I did glue the rail as rctangular strips a bit in exess with reference to the final shape (see gluing rails), but cut down a bit oversize before gluing the next strip to save some glue (otherwise you don’t need to do it). after all the strips are glued, I took off the remaining excess wood with a hand planer and the shape ended as shown in the “boxy rails” pic. be careful doing this becouse you could damage the deck skin (but even if you do it you will be able to fix/mask it with sand paper). then planer and (a lot of) sand paper to the final shape.

I used a polyurethane glue called “mastro d’ascia” (by SARATOGA)

sorry no english link

let me know about your project what outline, dims?


Dave, I’m building a Lis inspired fish. I took the basic 5’5" Lis fish and stretched it out to 6’. The dims are 6’ X 21" X 2 3/8" .

Check out the thread for pics.;

I glued my deck on last night and will start on the rails tonight. I’ll update the thread above.



And here is the board template if someone is interested. tail rocker is variable becoise of the V in the tail