The Globefish: #1 board, #1 HWS

ciao Swaylockers,

here are some pictures from the construction of the globefish 5.9x23x3 (not finished yet), my very first attempt in shaping and in woodworking.

The construction method is of course Paul Jensen’s inspired (who I have to be grateful for both suggestions and inspiration), but I had to adjust it due to my lack of ability with the epoxi.

Since I planned not to glass it I spaced ribs closely and put 3 stingers. (tough isn’t it?)

my idea was to brush a first layer of thinned epoxi resin over the plywood to penetrate the wood fibres and than a second resin layer.

any suggestion from the more experienced?


just few pics more whith the final shape


The board looks great, Dave. I like your clamping set-up. Everything, but the “Kitchen sink.” Mike

beauty dave!

I like your rib spacing. I’m going to try mine with the more often used single stringer and wider spacing between ribs. If it works, great. If not, I’ll dry it out, repair, and glass. How did you do you decks? As chip would have said… any pictures of the deck making process?


thanks pat,

here is another pic of the ribs setup and a picture of unshaped rails.

skin is just 1/5" plywood sheet cut to the outline.

unfortunatly i didn’t take many pictures as the construction progressed becouse didn’t want anything witnessing the (likely) failure.

I’ll keep you updated about the board hitting the water


The pics bring to mind a listing I saw recently on ebay - plans for an “egg crate” framed surfboard… please no comments on the two gentlemen in the background in the first image.


Looks good. What is the final weight of that board ? -matt

Not a whole lot of rocker in that board. How are the waves in Ancona? I lived for 4 years in the upper Adriatic (Venezia, Treviso). I’d go the beach at Lignano and stick my head into little foot high tubes to quench my thirst for surf. I don’t miss the waves but sure as hell miss the food!

thanks for your comments guys.

You’re right John,

It’s more or less the use It’s intended for. not a lot of monster waves here during the summer.


the board weitght is about 13 pounds without glass, so I think it’s going to be 14-25 finished (I don’t know the amount of resin needed).


looow rocker since as you know we have lots of mushy waves in Adriatc cost although Ancona has some rocky good spots.

let me know if you come back in italy.

Any comment about going without glass? I thought that being the board short & stiff, resin should not be too stressed in traction (due to board bending).

let me know, I’m going to finish the board next week.


You Dave…are a legend!!!

I can see that a lot of thought went into this and I like your thinking…

Fantastic effort mate, as for the glassing thingy, considering the huge amount of work you put into it, I would be protecting my board with at least 1 layer of glass all over, maybe with a deck patch. It would help strengthen the fins too.

I’d hate to see your work come unstuck with H2O

Have you put a vent plug in? Can you tell if it’s sealed?

Be proud of yourself for a great job!!!

Hey Dave, I (or rather- we, my wife , daughter and I) will be in Italy next summer.

Why not try some really light glass? I just bought some 2.3 oz. for a board I’m going to build this summer. It looks and feels like silk. It couldn’t add that much weight, but it will be a little better than no glass.

Post pics when you’re done…and especially of it on some waves.

to glass or not to glass…

I’m going to try mine without first. Old Tom Bloke seems to have an ok time of it, but he uses a different construction method. RichieB of the HWS threads from last december has had some unglassed love as well. It depends on if you want to be part of the grand experiment or not. If you are the most concerned with protecting your board, and have an adequate workspace for sanding glass, go for it. If you want to see how far a wooden board can get away from the foam/glass method, try without.

Good luck whatever you do, and if you don’t glass it, be sure to seal the wood with something, so it doesn’t soak up half the ocean.


Hey Jeff, are you staying on the ardiatic side? let me know! we could manage to take some waves togheter if it’s possible (I have already tolked about summertime waves…).


dave: congratulations, i think your board looks beautiful. you have really done an amazing job. i can’t believe it’s your first board.

how have you attached the fins? are they fixed in an internal box between the skins? otherwise, won’t you need to glass them on to ensure they’re solid & functional? excuse my ignorance, i’m a kook when it comes to hws technique.

Hi oldy, thanks.

I didn’t take any picture about the fin attachement system, but it is simply 3 wood pins (1/3" diameter) which are inserted in holes in the fin and in a piece of wood glued between the two skins. they look pretty strong.

in the pic you can see the way I did it. very rough way.


finally, after a sad 3 weeks flat spell, some 3foot mushy summer waves reached the adriatic coast, so I was able to try the globefish. was quite nervous and doubtful about its behaviour in the water since it was the first board I made and I had never ridden a fish (so didn’t know what expect).

the board ended 15lb (6.5 kilos) and I thought it was hard to turn.

Once in the water, while paddling I experienced that corky feeling described by Paul Jensen which description came back to my mind. not a big addictional effort to paddle out and an unespected duckdiveability. none in the water an the first wave come. two strokes and the board takes off. wow it is so faaaast. out of the bottom turn I have a lot of power that the I can use climbing the wall in such an easy way. and then a little trimming and down the line again for another bottom turn and so on. the board make tight turns (a bit skate style), on the flat sections you trim a little and the board does seem to accelerate, and due to its weight, isn’t disturbed too much by the falling water when riding along the wave.

Now I know what stoked mean.

thanks to everybody at Swaylocks for encouraging me in doing this. hope to contribute with my small experience to the comunity. ( I’m already planning another board)

I will post pictures as soon as I have one

David (STOKED)

Hey Dave

Thanks for the pics. The board looks great. I’m half way through building my first HWS and your pics were the right inspiration to push and finish. I’m jealous hearing that your board rode so well. I can’t wait to take my baby for its first test run.



Yea Ha Dave!

Keep sharing the stoke, keep the boards coming. Can’t wait to see the final pics of how it turned out. Any pics of you riding it?

I’m up to my elbows in epoxy today. The only good thing about flat spells is that I actually work on my board.


good for you dave! happy surfing.

"Now I know what stoked mean. "

that’s GREAT , Dave !

that fin attachment …very clever !!

so , DID you end up using glass , or not ?

and a vent ?



…I , too , would LOVE to see some shots of it being surfed …know any photographers , or would any of your friends swim out with one of those disposable kodak watercameras ? [maybe if you made them some nice pasta , or bought them a bottle of vino , galliano , grappa , whatever … [not ouzo though , hopefully ?!]