The Good..........The Bad.............and the Reef Girls ?

Got my photos back from development…

I’ll see if I can get them up today.

First off : the board a, 6-4 Quad w/ PBH fin systems-Supercharged works unreal !

A good buddy of mine Dave"" Hegstrom has it on loan and has been turning heads on it(I got a feeling I’m not getting it back…or at least not in a ridable condition.).

I need to consult Larry on the boxes…there is some separation around all the boxes w/ some seeping of water btwn the box and filler,not the filler and foam.It doesn’t seem to be hurting anything right now,but if I get a Failure Hegs w/find it.I can see the gap when the boxes are open,w/o the inserts or screw pressure,and with everything re-installed the gap disappears …??? A bit of flex in the box materials I’d say.

All in all at this point…a good+ system.

I still prefer Red-X as my primary Box System,tough,smallest box foot print,stiffest fin base set-up period,and I’ve never had one problem either minor or major w/ Xs…That in it self says alot about Red-X.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t use PBHs…It’s a great alt. to FCS,and adapts to there fins as well.Alot of people want FCS but hate the frality of the system…This gives those persons a choice.

Thanks Larry for you invitation and I’ll keep you informed on my progression w/ your box system.

Now…where’s those Reefer Girls at …anyway…huh ?


Hi Herb,

What kind of resin did you use to install the ProBoxes? Poly or Epoxy?

Very weird that there’s a little gap between the box and resin. I’m sure you prepped them correctly before installing…

Looking forward to pics of the board!



I got that saparation on a PB install once

I forgot to wipe the box with acetone

and had resin shrinkage from over catalizing

the fix

with the screws loose, drop superglue in the split

thighten screws to spred the box

wait a minute


Per PBLarry

nice tip - will remember that one for if it ever happens to me thanks

Herb - looking foward to seeing the pics if you ever get the board back - if was me then you probably wouldn’t

Hey Herb…

“A good buddy of mine Dave"” Hegstrom has it on loan and has been turning heads on it(I got a feeling I’m not getting it back…or at least not in a ridable condition.). "

Never loan a board to ANYONE with “skater” anywhere near their name!!! (I don’t know if the surfboard handrail grind has been done yet…but it might!)

Only teasing…


Ya GL,

It was prep-ed correctly.

I will use 495 locktite Adhesive instead of superglue…it’s a better glue…costly but better.

The major problem is this particular board hasn’t seen a dry day from day one…It’s getting the snot rode out of it.

People love my Lazy “S” Bolt label…kind of a re-invention of the wheel…I think Lopez would trip.


His jolly pirate nick name is Destructo Dave !

If that gives you any Ques.

Speedy nice stuff coming out of your corner…Good Show Mate !


Thanks Ken,

Got that figured out,awhile ago…I think this board will die before it’s dry !

Hey,I’m a poet and didn’t even know it !


Careful Herb! Rory is resurrecting the Lightening Bolt label.

I sure hope they come back out with those T-Shirts that said

"North Shore

Pure Unadulterated Juice"


It looks simular but is completely different…That’s the beauty of the logo.

At that the lightingbolt symbol can’t be trade marked…you can have a certain artwork registered,but over all, the symbol is public domain.That’s why so many builders put them on there boards back in the day.

Mine isn’t a Bolt…it’s an “S” …GOT TO LOVE THAT !

Should be in your area today…if not today next week foresure…hopefully you’ll be around.


You know that was totally tongue in cheek…right?

Rory has always been the antithesis of the commercialization that surfing has become over the last thirty years.

Seeing Rory clean and healthy attempting to ressurect a brand that was the soul of surfing and then seeing “Busting Down the Doors” last night has just highlighted the fact that times are a changing.

Could it be that after thirty years we might be coming around full circle?

Howzit Herb, Mitch who was one of the guys ( also Handshaper ) developed the system first came to me with one of the first kits he told me to use acetone and later he also he used a dremel to sand the surfaces before installing. You might try it although I never had any problems with just wiping with acetone.Aloha,Kokua

Yeah, about that grind rail thing… Check out the latest Transworld Surf. Crazy asses built a double kink rail and put in out in the water for people to attempt to kill themselves on. Amazingly no injuries but a lot of fins got ripped out that day.

Crazy-Ass-Skaters…LOL !

hey quit trying to change the subject!!!

Herb where are those pics

Several years ago I installed some FCS plugs with 3m silicone adhesive.It was amazing.Try it out…no heat,hardener or shrinkage.

Howzit Mr Clean, Is that the marine silicone adhesive that runs about $10 a tube. I've used it for filling and sealing splits in tall wooden posts that are used for building houses. I thought it stayed kind of flexable.Aloha,Kokua

What photos ???


I’m probably going to send them to Larry ,due to my lack of computer skills and having an overly stubborn computer !

I’m sure he’ll post them.


Got my photos back from development…

I’ll see if I can get them up today.

, those ones

The computer says…NO !

I’ve tried for hours…Herb