The iXPS thread

A few companies are playing around with iXPS, and I think a few swayers have made some.

Let's hear what you think? Another option, or a dead end? How does it compare to XPS, EPS, PU?



Ease of shaping?



Durability (denting, snapping, shearing, heat)?

Performance - flex, return, dampening etc?

Quality of supply, cost etc.....



there’s some good stuff in the industry section if people don’t want to double post.

Yeah read that but after the China ranting it mostly focussed on XPS. Just thought it would be helpful to approach it with some basic questions in one place.

I’ve made one. Had it machined. Finished it off with 220 grit as 80 just seemed to shred it. Didn’t take long with 220 grit either. Spackled and glassed. Board didn’t delam and went well according to the owner. Lighter than PU and got the impression it was stronger too. Downside for me is that it is the most expensive foam out of PU, EPS and iXPS. Look forward to surfing it myself at some stage.

So far I have found it ok to shape, Done three boards out of it so far. I have glassed one and am waiting on another to get glassed while im doing a third, just done one side of the lamination today. I really like glassing the blanks, the epoxy does not stink so much and goes on really easy, have been finishing off the boards with a Polyester topcoat straight on the epoxy and really happy with how the first one finished. Really light weight and its good only doing one lamination on the deck, I have been doing one 5ounce layer on top and a 4 on the bottom. still waiting to water test all three boards…

Heres the latest:

dean you should not spackle these blanks they are closed cell and will delaminate eventually if you spackled it. also they are about the cheapest blanks you can buy if you get them from the manufacturer in china

they are definately the strongest lightest blank ive seen and only need single 4 oz of glass and wont dent much if at all. they have delam issues that can be easily solved IMO.

the blanks are stupidly thick with shit rockers and take for ever and a day to handshape. they are machine shape option, but if your paying premium for epoxy the blank and machine shaping then you have to weigh up the advantages.

i still believe that compsand is a superior board in the epoxy department and if not go for a poly with uv


Why would you spackle an XPS blank?  Seems to me that you would just multiply the bonding issues associated with XPS.


EDIT: silly beat me to this point.