"The laaaast melon"

This is the first thing that comes to mind in moments like this. Like in the movie Ice Age. When all the dodo birds have 3 melons to keep them alive.
This will be the last fish fry I do at this location.
So if you can come on over on the 18th of this month from 6 to 9 for the last fish fry I do at this location.

Oh ya the address is 3647 Hancock st.

Just want to make sure of the time.

Oh thrailkill… I assume it’s 6 pm not 6 am . But your probably welcome at 6 am

6pm to 9pm

Mr Repairman…
Could you please give me a list of ingredients in that there bag? It looks insanely delicious! Would love to be able to prepare this at home since I live so far from San Diego! Thanks in advance! My mouth is watering like crazy seeing that marinating fish.

What bag of fish are you talking about? The first bag is poke and the 2cd bag is cieveche. Pm me if you want specifics.

I thought the cieveche was Tako (octopus) poke. I love most pokes, but I really love a good tako poke. The fish poke is what we would call shoyu style. Once upon a time we only made poke a couple of ways, now there’s so many, all good too.
When the Ahi or Aku is real fresh, sashimi is da best.

Poke is great. But the Mexicans showed the World something genius when they figured out that lime juice would “cook” fish. Yeah I make it too. My own recipe. Comes out less fishy with a cleaner taste. All kinds of variations. Shell fish, clam juice, etc. don’t buy it at Winnco though. Love poke, but it’s only good in da Islands because freshness is the key. I don’t buy Sushi in Bakersfield, Salsa or Poke in New York City. Just doesn’t make sense. Lowel

Ok so my bad everyone, I really need to start double checking my flyer.
the fish fry is from 5 pm to 8 pm on the 18th.
Let me know if you guys have any questions
And to shark country, in the Mexican style octopus is not always used in cievece, but it is out there and vary delicious . If I knew how to prepare octopus properly I would love to cook some up, if properly prepared it is one of my favorite meets.
And Mcding it sounds like you got the right idea.

Looks awesome!

You camping this year Nick?

You still down by the longest running strip club in town? Where swabbys go to get mugged? Down the street from Sharp Eye??

Yep, that is correct. It sounds like you have spent some time down here. If you can shed some light on the history down here that would be awesome

Fresh fish for the fry.

And the cooking begins

If you ever wondered if Nick was a good cook, let me assure you, Nick is a good cook ! Fried, ceviche, and poke, all good. Tried it all, and liked it all. Thank you, Nick.