The last one from sabs for 2005 a xmas gift for my son

Hi guys

Hope every one has a good xmas and new year

Heres a comsand ive built for my son for xmas the rocket and planets are veneer inlays


looks great, as all your boards do. the inlays are great!

can you give some spec…

dims, weight, eps weight, balsa thickness, rail buildup thickness…

your son will be stoked

nice one mike

it looks like a rocket as well

merry christmas


5’11 x 17 7/8 x 2 2mm balsa 3oz/3oz bottom 3mm balsa 3oz/2x3oz deck weight 2.5 kgs Its a bit heaver than my normal so it can take a bit more knocking around


Hi Sabs

My 5 year old along with myself think that is the coolest x-mas gift ever. Lucky kid. Just beautiful.

Did you use the thin balsa strips to keep the fcs plugs solid? Or did you secure them to the deck?


Hi Christian

Thanks the fins i tie them to the rail bands independently and not to the deck

That way they do not affect flex

Mostly i use saturated balsa inside,you can make balsa very very strong depending on the grain orientation and amount of resin saturation


Looks Great! It must have took a long time to cut the inlays. What type of wood did you use? How come you decided to go heavier? Are the super lites starting to show wear (reached the limit of lite glass)?

…cheers Mike !

look forward to meeting you some time in the next month eh ?

ben , lavz , and hicksy [and ?bluejuice too?]

He is only nine,he can surf ok but needs the waves to be small

Just added a bit of extra glass in a few areas because you know what kids are like their idea of how to put some thing down is not quite the same as ours

And I want it to last him for a while and then pass it on to his sister

The super lites i have done for my self have all held up ok


He is one lucky boy! Maybe when his sister is done with it I can hang in in my science class.

Beautiful work, I love the wood inlays. You’re an artist!!!

It’s really beautiful! I just think your son is very lucky… for receiving such a gift and for having a dad that makes surfboards for him!

Merry Christmas!


Nice looking board! I really like the inlays.

Do you prefer the 2mm balsa for bottoms instead of going 3mm all around?

can you feel the difference in between the two or is it more a weight saving thing?

I’ve only used 3mm so far but have been curious about 2mm or even 1.5mm…

Merry christmas

Jimmy yoshio shibata.

looks great

working for NASA, I’m partial to your inlays.

I’ve been thinking about trying dark wood inlays into my balsa as well. with how great yours look I’ll definately be doing it on a few of my boards in the planning stage. got to get the first balsa sand done first.

merry christmas


Ive been doing the bias with thinner bottoms for a while now yes it does save weight and they do ride different

My rule is if the structure does not need it for strength then there has to be another very good reason why to add anything extra

merry xmas mike

Lovely looking board as usual Mike, daren’t show my 5yr old, thought I would make him a board next year though, maybe an eps epoxy with no balsa skins?

Is that your vent on the deck near the leash plug? I have just put a vent there on my latest board, was a bit worried whether it would work as well there as in the thickest part of the board where I usually put them? Guess so.

Have a good Christmas

Hi Mark

Yep thats a vent,we are going to Perth were it gets quite hot,I dont bother with them here in Auckland as the locals here say that 24c is a hot day!!

I dont think it matters much where you put them the light eps breathes so well

Merry xmas mike

Love the board, Sabs. Lucky kid :slight_smile: