The next big thing

So well I’m waiting for paddle assist jet units . Not on the bottom of the board please industry nerds . U mount it on the deck under the foot arch . It’s obsolete when ur up and on a plane . Scubajet mounted deck side as a paddle assist . Where do I sign up . Scubajet is having shit of a time with supply apparently according to online whispers. Does anyone know what jet unit they use . Let’s just develop our own

A Paddling assist would help with my old worn out shoulders.The problem is that any system will add a lot of weight to the Board. Proformace would suffer

I have thought of something like a booster rocket that would detach once you are up and running. Of course now you have this “Booster Rocket  as shrapnel in the wave ready to take some one out.  But it might a way to clean out all the other wave hogs. Not that I’m advocating for death and destruction in the line up.  

Well, it seems well engineered.       Price is prohibitive, IMO.        $1,600   to   $2,000 dollars.      I can see it being a boon to some handicapped individuals, that want to have water experiences, beyond thier present limits.      Bulky as it is, it’s still more compact than anything else I’ve seen.       It has a certain novelty appeal too.       If I had cash to burn, and still was doing SCUBA diving, I’d be attracted to it.     By the way, Mr. Cannon, good to have you back on the forum.

Have they put one on a foil yet?  

Kai Concepts Jetfoil:

Then there are these:

Will prop/impeller drag affect surfing performance?

I suspect deck mounting will make it difficult to keep the unit fully submerged on the paddle out.

Maybe if if you embed in the bottom near the nose it would remained submerged on paddle out.  Once planing, it would have to cut off automatically, or it will operate dry.

You having shoulder issues too?

I looked into buying an electric trolling motor, about $150 and connecting it to a bank of rechargeable batteries in a sealed box and folding propellers.

its all doable but for any real speed there’s a lot of batteries needed and therefore space and weight.

 There’s several versions like the jet foiler because foils have lower drag than a board but they all balance the same problem of speed Vs weight. There’s some very high tech versions trying to maximise propeller design with 3-D  printing and computerised output but in the end you only get about 45 mins run time.

Weed wacker motor…Cox .049 prop…no prop shroud, shrouds are for pussies.  The whole chinga rides 1.5 inches from your ass and is secured with a WWF champ belt…complete with the rhinestone encrusted buckle…hand throttle from an old slotcar set so you can break into the turns and excelerate out.  Fuel cell is one of those helmets with 2 beer cans on each side. 2 cans because we all need balance in our lives.  

Now there an image you will never get out of your brain…Yosss!  Thank you Resinhead. 

Lets do this

You had me at Rhinestone.

 Seriously I’ve been looking at 2 new ideas, let me know if you’ve seen them before.

  1. This is like an upturned bucket.  A simple curved deck shape that traps air underneath it. When you put it in the water you have an amount of air trapped inside it that you can purge by tilting the craft. This allows the craft to have maximum buoyancy when you need it for paddling and also quickly dump that buoyancy for duck diving. 

It could be easily made by thermoforming the shell and putting a few internal walls in. No foam, no glass.

Ive got drawings to show but I want to see if people can see a concept in their head first.

Hi Bill . ive taken a shine to the water again and brain is ticking over time :)… that unit is only 3.5 kg. you could almost just strap it to your leg i think .  i was searching reviews and i found numerous complaints about supply . but man i would love to have a closer look at that thing. i think its got the power to what maybe 100% increase in paddle speed … the guys that design these jst boards are of course missing the point of surfing on some of these designs mounted underneath the board . who needs that . its what a wave is for . i just want something for explosive paddle power. i think if i start to see these type of units in retail shops ill probably grab one. i was hoping that someone on here might know what jet unit they are using or maybe they engineered themselves


im thinking under the tail arch it would always be submerged. its contolled by a remote switch or just reach back and rotate to off .

Where would you put your beer?  Keep ‘em coming tho.  Don’t let that grey matter go to waste.

luv it


By the twinkle in your eye i knew i had you at rhinestone…


Really McDing…come on!  all we need to do is add cup holders. Simple solution for a simple problem.


The cup holders will be on the back side of the WWF belt. It will be stablized by a small but robust flexible anal shaft…With the possiblity of a full Pale Ale growler attachment for the rolled-up-pant, man buned, bearded hipsters out there.  This “flexible” shaft will also be use as a rudder in case one never makes it to there feet, and if turned around more than 3 times it has the “Bettle Juice” effect and turns into a fully functioning 409 EPIRB gps signal,  strobe light emitting, life saving device… Very useful when proning out or kooking.

YOSS…See that was easy…you my all thank me.

Seriously again, the next Big thing may not be possible, if you’re thinking Big like bodyboards or the Thruster were.

The surfing market used to be slaves to the WCT and whatever Slater did, but theres a splintering of the herd with some now doing the alternate soul thing, or the funboard, or the SUP, so there’s not the same focus by the market on a single source for direction. Everyone’s going their own way so Slater means little to a lot of people.

 Foil companies failed to see the danger of a 2 ft wide scimitar in the surf. They were first to market but market a dangerous product that limits it’s own useage. Will we see someone foiling at Mavs . Certainly but only once.

 Construction is based on design so something new in design is likely to grab a big slice. The TOMO boards were a visual interest but how many people ride them now ? Same with Mini Simmons. Fads, but not the next Big thing.

Like a bodyboard , something Big would have to be


High Markup.

Easy to use.

Safe for all ages.

 If the industry was completely based on sustainable HWS, would a foam and fibreglass board even be considered today with all the petrochemicals involved ?

 We may have seen the last surfing unicorn.

well surely a little hatch in the deck for a snickers bar and possibly a viewing glass for looking at fish maybe helpful. 


Design people come up with these things and they’re hearts are in the right place but they have no idea of which end of the pineapple to surf on.

 This version would simultaneously relieve you of both testicles just for trying to get on it.

I see that there will be a big shift , something like a no foam board, that is using air for buoyancy instead of foam. Without the foam the shape becomes a modular construction that could mean adjustable plastic components creating several Classes of surfboard rather than completely original individual shapes.

 For the millions that buy a Toyota that are identical but cosmetically customise, the same will come to Surfing, $99.95 Modular Shortboard Design from 6-7 feet- adjust and customise with different panels and apply custom graphics. 100% recyclable, made from recycled plastic. Longboards from 9-11 ft add $25.

 Something like that will change the industry away from shaping and glassing forever.

 It’s in the wind already because of the petrochemicals currently used, the health and legal issues with construction, the landfill problem and the many attempts to make environmental surfboards.

Knowing that you can surf on anything from a dining table to water skis, I think we could dispense with the pure theory of hydrodynamics and just look at building something.

 Start with a blank canvas.

 How about a modular surfboard ?

 Several pieces put together that make more than one board .

imagine a 6’6”. The first thing I think of are 2 carbon wrapped rails or laminated plastic about 6 ft long, you don’t need the front 6 inches anyway so TOMO the nose outline. Now it’s only 6 ft long, 2 carbon rails giving it much more strength than a glass job could.

Now attach a nose and tail piece, attach them with carbon hex-key bolts, like IKEA but high tech. You’ve now got a solid platform that’s stronger than any surfboard  and the nose and tail pieces could be rotomolded plastic, hollow or just a skin that you can move along the rails so you can adjust your 6’6” down to 6’0” or up to 7’0”. Make it wider or swap in a slim pintail section. Covering 6 to 7 ft is a whole lot of market in 4 pieces. I haven’t figured out the deck / hull but that could even be an oval  tube section.

Make it in fluoro plastic colours , radical deck patterns for grip, it is a fun board.

 Part of the beauty is that if you break anything all you need is a part not the whole to be repaired. There’s also no shaping, just manufactured parts .

I live in a country where to get a board to the beach you generally have to hire a van. They’re not allowed on busses or the train. Getting it to the airport is expensive. Plane trips aren’t cheap. 

Just a board that can take up less space would be the next big thing for me. Unfortunately the more I look into it the more difficult the glassing skills required seem to achieve it.