The Performers/ Where is Crammy and Chappy

Well after a lot of searching I finaly found the best 80’s and possibly the best video ever made The Performers. What a classic. My question is, what happened to Crammy and Chappy ?


You are right - its the best 80’s film, plus you get Kongs Island as a starter!

Last i heard, Chappy was still getting boards from Murray at Pipedreams on the gold coast and surfing as good as ever and

Crammy, was working for rip curl in the states. i saw a shot of him ripping on a CI (or was it a Aloha) a few years back.

This could be well out of date, so if anyone one has more upto date news, let us know!

as ever

keen to learn…

Crammy lives on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and has been designing for the Australian arm of Hurley.

Chappy lives on the Southern Gold Coast, still rides Pipedream (as anyone who has had one still does for very good reason) Murray is a legend, his boards are even more so! Chappy surfs down south alot as the crowds are not his thing.

There is a little about Chappy on the Pipedream site in the History section. Some other good info there as well.

Sorry, I can’t resist. Here’s one of my all-time favorite surf photos. Chappy at Pipe.