the ranch mexico

I am looking to go to troncones in july, “near ixtapa” I was wondering if i could get more info on the breaks around this area i have heard of saladita and the ranch being the two of most interest, Does anyone have any past experience at these breaks. Also where to paddle out at / and directions from hwy 200 that would be great thanks _josh

Howzit josh, Am I going crazy or didn't you already post this the other day. Aloha,Kokua

yeah i did repost i kind of need some kind of direction to get me to the ranch! Signs road markers whatever can be given will be appreiciated. thanks for everyones help-josh

Howzit josh, Sorry can't help you with directions to the Ranch since we took a boat from Playa Kandahar because at the time you couldn't drive into it. I can say that Saladitas is a lot more fun of a wave and easier to get to.Aloha,Kokua

Hey Joshmosh,

Part of the fun of many surf trips I’ve been on is the unknown.

It’s also part of the adrenaline rush. And the rewards are generally more appreciated.

Hope you get good waves.

Not to worry. If you are staying in troncones just about everyone is there to surf those breaks and all of the owners of the rentals can give you directions. Most places have maps of the more popular breaks. You should be able to hook up with some one to ride out to the surf, too.