Thought I would show my first board like all the other new guys. Shaped ,painted ,and glassed by me in my garage. My daughter came up with the art design and named it “The Raver Board”. Thanks Swaylocks for all your help.

Special thanks to Ben Shipman for tech support and for helping me get my shop set up with all the proper tools.

Along with learning to shape I am also learning to use the digital camera and do attachments…

6’11" x 21" x 2 3/4" ,concave nose ,rounded pin tail ,rough copy of a Walden Compact Disc.

I also made a center fin from an old glass-on center fin that Ben gave me (not pictured).


That thing’s insane! wished my first one came out that good. Have you ridden it?

Keep up the good work.

Rode it Monday at Tamarack but it was closed out and sucking up so I got worked.

Rode it Friday at lunch time at Turn Arounds in Carlsbad and it was fun. Kinda weird looking at that fat nose when you take off. Seems to work better frontside than backside. Paddles like a much longer board. Sure is a great feeling riding a board that I made myself !

that’s great Stingray . I like the spray [how did you do the checks?] , and the fin option choice …will you ride it as a single fin a fair bit , you reckon ?

As ‘Plus One’ said , that’s a great board for the first one …I’m on my 15th , and it doesn’t look anywhere near as good … I suck as a shaper … [Shipman , come to Australia , PLEASE !!]


Hey Ray, that turned out nice. See you out in the water man,

Chip, keep at it, your 16th one will better. your stuff rocks


Chip, keep at it, your 16th one will better. your stuff rocks

if rocks means shocks well then, yes … “rocks” ! [rocks in my head , perhaps!]

I owe it to a few influences…

M.E.K.P. / resin fumes … [no , NOT resin !!]

raspberry cordial

shippy’s tin foil headgear company

king’s lead hat [Brian Eno]

moonrockets 1 and 2 [M.P. and G.H. [Grunter Hickster] ]


I robot

assorted aliens …

''trippy chippy"

very nice shape man.

Don’t leve it int he sun though, or it will delam in a bout an hour cause the color’s so dark.