The Shaper and the Orca

A few days ago , long-time local shaper Roger Hall ( who’s been mentioned here a few times) and some of his posse helped in the rescue of a stranded Orca at their home beach.

The footage has made it to youtube so here’s a link , for the edification of those interested .

The joke on the Surfline Sfbds blog is along the lines of ’ Pity there wasn’t time to get a fin template’!

Sadly you’ll have to look at Mark Sainsbury for a minute or two : ) , but the payoff is you get to look at the lovely Dr. Visser  ; D

The embed download’s a bit herky jerky  so youtube link here

thanks for posting that video NF, i had seen a small blurb about it on one of our news websites but, that video was sooo cool! right on!