"the shoji" surfboard

In this case it was largely a matter of using what I had on hand. 

I have used 4 oz s-cloth in the past, 'tho, and I find the 6 oz. has more "body",  and is so much easier to work with, that I find I prefer it, despite the extra weight.  Especially on a project like this, where it is inevitable that some of the surface irregularities are going to have to be addressed when sanding the glass.

Lookin Good Huck!

nice work there Huckster!



Hi Huck -

That board is turning out great.  I've only seen photos of one other board that was even close (transparent skin over frame.)  Maybe you've seen it?  Peter Costello told me the guy lives near him.  I'd love to see this one in person...



Hah John - that's rad!  I had forgotten about that critter, but yes, I have seen it before.  To be honest, this is something thats been simmering in my mind for a long time, but the guy most responsible for inspiring me to go ahead and build it is a fella that goes by the handle Camplus.  Here's some of his handiwork:


I now have the whole thing hotcoated. Maybe I will put a gloss coat on it. At any rate, it does need one more coat. 10.5 lbs right now, and I could surf it like this, but cosmetically it needs that final coat, because of the places I hit the weave. I don't have any more resin, so I'll park it for now, until I get some.

It has a few bugs, too. Like one spot where the hot coat went off too fast, and the glass didn't get saturated. And where a bit of wetsanding slurry leaked into the vent, and dripped onto the bottom, in such a way that I can see it, but can't get to it.

But overall, I'm very happy with the outcome so far, considering that it was pretty risky to build it with unproven methods, but it seems sound. I'm thinking of adding one more layer of 2 oz. on the deck in the rectangle area behind the wood planking, in the area where feet will be standing.

what ever became of this project?

Did it get finished?

Wow .... Huckster .......  surprised you have taken any orders ............

Just amazing ..........

Hi Ken, thanks for asking, and thanks goofyfooter (from a fellow goofyfooter!).  Yeah, I did finish this one.  The finish isn't flawless, but you get to a point where you just call it good and move on to the next one. 

I was hoping to get some nice shots on the beach to wrap the thread up with, but unfortunately I've been a bit landlocked of late.  So its just sitting in the garage curing for now, I really don't know what to do with it LOL!

I don't have any nice fins to put in it, but I've got some stock white plastic quad fins that make the board look pretty killer, but no pics.  I'm still debating about adding a fins unlimited white box for a single.  Finish is sanded epoxy no gloss. 

Haven't ridden it, and not sure if or when I will.  Here's some backyard shots. 


That’s a beauty Huck…

Outstainding Huck.  I’d be kind of scared to surf it…but wow.  What a beauty!


Outstainding Huck.  I'd be kind of scared to surf it....but wow.  What a beauty!


Thanks!  hahaha, I so TOTALLY relate to this comment!  I know the framework is super strong and tight and the skin is super tough, but psychologically, you look at it and think, one good hard bottom turn and this thing is gonna crunch like dried weeds under my feet LOL!


Im tellin ya!


starting bid 2K!

Been meaning to bump this thread for several weeks now.  Thanks kensurf.

Very nice Huck!  What was your glassing schedule (cloth oz and number of layers)… ?

Did the epoxy bond well to the water-based polyurethane-coated polyester cloth?

Very Impressive! I think Ken is correct about it’s potential worth!! 


Thanks Ken and Proneman and Bg! - the glass was 2+6 all the way around.  The epoxy bonded very well - when I cut the fin plugs open (I had papered over them, then glassed over them) I took the pieces and tried to rip them, and I tried to separate the glass.  Couldn't do it.  They were very tough and the bond was excellent. 

When I bought the floor finish I asked the salesman (this is a store that makes their own paint) if there were any issues bonding with epoxy.  He assured me that once the product was cured, epoxy would bond just fine.  I let it cure well, then sanded (light pressure) with 100 grit before glassing.

"tough little mo-fo's"



Im tellin ya!


starting bid 2K!



DiTTo  Ken

Showed them to my wife who does Interior Design, many possibilities for commercial/residental design ............ she said be sure he signs,numbers and dates each board ...................... are you listening Huck ........................

Hey there Mr Huckleberry

Just discovered this amazing thread of yours. I had no idea, you were so on the track of brilliance. I might be talking nonsense here, but I think from the reaction of Swaylocks readers you have something that the whole surf industry and art collection industry would love to know about, and that in the right hands is worth hundreds of thousands maybe even eventually millions of dollars. You must have seen other great craftsman/artists in other industries, they end up charging sometimes astronomical dollars for their work and they get it. That board belongs in a museum or with a seriously rich collector. Especially when you have explained all the steps and the decision making process. Priceless. Totally unique to the industry.

I think that long after you are gone, the world will hear the news that the worlds most expensive surfboard was sold at auction today, for $??? How much was that scream picture sold for? Lots of hundreds of millions. Make ten of them in your lifetime and I in my old age will ring up MickD and together we will cue up and pay $40 each to see the “the shoji” exhibition when it comes to Sydney Australia as part of the world tour.

I used to make guitars for a living before surfboards, and there were a few guys in Australia that understood what I have written above. One who shall remain nameless got world wide publicity for making two amazing guitars and selling them for $60,000 each. He didn’t sell them on ebay or through a marketing campaign, he made them for the one person in the world that wanted such a guitar made to absolute perfection. You are quite capable of that.

By the way my commission is 10%, that should be ruffly about a hundred grand, after the first five years of exhibition.

By far my fav board in the world. Huck, it is amazing!!!

Amazing board !!!


Huck ==> You’ve got to ride it ASAP !!! Then make a second one that you’ll sell …