The Squish by Greg Webber

Hello, some of you asked for some information about my Squish on the Mongrel thread, so here you have it.

shaper: Greg Webber

shape: as some of you could see (good eye!) it’s made from an modified Afterburner preshape.

bottom: the bottom it’s almost flat with some vee on the tail.

rails: one look worth 1000 words:

fins: the center fin is 2.5’’ from tail, side fins: 10.5’’ from tail; trailing edge: 6.25’’ from stringer, leading edge: 6’’ from stringer. FCS Sunny (4 9/16’’ base).

Some numbers:

-lenth: 6’3’’

-1’ from nose:

-center: 19.5’’ (the wide point is on the center)

-1’ from tail: 15.75’’ (6.5’’ between tips of tail, aprox.)

-thickness: 2.625’’

-nose rocker: 5’’

-tail rocker: 1.875’’

-tail: Sqish (designed by Halcyon)

Maybe on monday i’ll be able to tell you how it feels…


-1’ from nose: 12.25’’

I’m interested to hear how the board works and what you think about the tail. I saw in a Surftech/Tufflite ad that Xanadu is doing a similar tail for Matt Rockhold’s boards in Santa Cruz.

They almost look pointy-er on the tips though…

Coque, where did you that rail profile tool? I tried making one but it didn’t turn so great.

Howzit Shipman, you can find them in most wood working tool catalogs.Aloha,Kokua


Howzit Shipman, you can find them in most wood working tool catalogs.Aloha,Kokua

such as…?

Hello Waxfoot, i’ll let you know as soon as i’ll ride it. Anyway i saw both tails and the Squish is quite different (anyway my squish isn’t exactly as the original, it has some modifications). I found that “half moon” is made by removin foam from a thin square tail, and the squish is made like if you removed foam from a fish, or maybe, as if you added foam to a sifh tail. It has thicker / softer rails, with fuller tips and the result it’s a wider tail too. Anyway Halcyon can give you more details, for sure.

Shipman, i got this tool in a shop in Santander (650 km from home), it’s used by the wood workers as a “shape template”. Anyway if any of you know where to buy them online, it will be nice, because i would like to buy a biger one.

Shipman, if you don’t find it, let me know, maybe i can get you one.


hello Coque,

have looked all over the world and could not find a bigger “shape template” tool. but they are designed to be connected to make them longer, use two for the deck and two for the bottom and you get the whole slice.

that Webber board looks very nice…

That looks like a really useful bit of kit, have managed to find one on a UK web site, I’m not sure if they will ship overseas, but I expect so;

Plastic ‘rail measurer’

Metal version

Hope that is helpful.


Hey Miki, the good thing for me will be to have a “shape template” wider more than longer, because on thick boards where the stringer is really thicker than the rails it will be a great help.

Anyway this one is really helpfull when you want to copy a board, or just the rails.


Those tools are also called a “profile guage” and are most commonly used in checking things like trim in woodworking (door casings, crown moldings, etc.) That way you can measure something in place, go to your favorite custom lumberyard, and find the piece that matches your tool or have one made, without pulling down an original piece.

Check out GARRETTWADE.COM , they sell the profile gage,comes in three sizes 5.5",

12" and 18".Hope that helps.Phone # is 1-800-221-2942.They are in New York,fine wood working tools.

Here’s the link to contour gauge via “infranet”. $8 or $13, depending on size.

John Mellor has a nice one in the Resources section…