The Stringerless Longboard Project

Still yet to commence but will include the following:

High density EPS foam.

Hot wire cutter.

APS3000 print outs spray glued to masonite or MDF.

A jigsaw to cut the profile (rockers).

I will also be glassing with two layers of warp enhanced e cloth on each side (6/4) with a layer of six ounce cloth tape along the rails for good measure. I will be staggering my laps as well.

Wish me luck. God knows I’ll probably need it. Apologies if you’re religous.

I’m very interested in this one, as I plan to do one similarly in the summer…I see you are using DeadShaper’s formula…

Take your time shaping/fairing the rocker templates…if they don’t come out right, just start over. You can end up with something far from what you planned for if you keep trying to fair out a dip or two in the template line…MDF shapes/fairs easier, but also dents easier, so be careful moving it around the shop…

Good Luck!


Make it thick. Snap resistance increases exponentially with thickness.

We are going to require pictures. As you know. Ha.

are you done yet?

we’re still waiting

Reincarnation of the Hobie Corky Carroll “Stringerless” ?