The Ultimate Shaping Bay

If money were no object, what would your shaping bay(s) look like? Design? Layout? Tools? Materials? The works!


I would like Robert Augusts, Al Merricks and Rusty preisendorfers shaping bays OR

A massive square room with lighting and stuff a spray gun, stands, vacuume, Skil 1000 planer, 100s of Sanding blocks and sand paper. A real good Sander unlimited supply of blanks, resin, pigments, glass, epoxy. yep thatl do me.

I’d settle for anything bigger than a one car garage with a bunch of boxes and old crap that nobody wants to take to the dump… sigh

my shaping / glassing area is a 10’ by 12’ shed with plenty of junk around, i need to clean it up one day cause it gets to be a problem when im trying to do something in a fluid motion like painting or glassing, and my shirt or something gets hug on the corner of a shelf or something… but i guess its better than nothing.

robert august has quite an operation running…i certainly wouldn’t mind a setup like that!