...the way we choose to walk

…well, a few hours ago I entered to a wpage that some put a link of Teqoph boards, so I decided to click to see what s going on (wrong?)

inside there is a link to Surfline; I clicked and 20 pictures start to show with couple of sentences under each one.

This “master” shaper have one of the ready shapes with a not so straight (right) fin marks (regarding to the other) and hand planes marks on the stringer…(and this and all are machined)

BUT these types of guys for some reason had the luck to get some international pro surfer with their brand on it (see Tokoro, teqoph, chilli, etc)

and suddenly were from ghost shapers or sanders to masters in a “minute”.

Please do not misunderstood previous sentences; what I try to say is that is very difficult to talk with some customers or surfers in gral (worst with kids) when they think that these guys are the most knowledgeable people in the sboards world.

So, many think that the rest of the good shapers try to imitate or copy their designs.

Plus, you have the surf shops owners…with some you should start to talk about all the modern history of surfboards and the development of this labor.


Sorry, I need to write this.

…in some part he even say with proud that HANDshaped a board for Hobgood in early ´oo s or so

but then he sell all machined…

Is really a customer important for these type of shaper?

nope, fame though.