.... the ' WHAT I RODE TODAY ' photo thread ....

 [ Hopefully ] ,


 can people please post some pictures of the board[s] that you rode today , and what you rode them in ?


cheers !




 For starters , I took out this 1980s six-channel  6 ’ x 19 1/2 " Sundance , this morning …

photo 1_zpsy3yqmkqu.jpg

photo 2_zpsc62mk2bs.jpg


… it’s one of my brother’s many boards.

surf …

 … It was  head high,  sideshore , high tide waves this morning . This is the second 'glassed-on fins ’ board that I have ridden , in as many weeks …


Looks like there are more than 6 "Channels "  ;-)


I count six? Dyslexic flare up?

yesterday rode my horse. today either my fourth gear flyer mat or possibly my body board(7’) by paul gross

Rode this at the Fort Pierce inlet this morning. Thigh to chest. Ish. But a nice water temp of 74 F. Green/blue water.  5-11 by 21.5 quad  stringerless with rail chanels.


that looks pretty bitchin’!

Wha’d you call me?


thanks Greg Tate , for the photo , and the info !


  yep , Greg Griffin !   … older boards with extra compressions ,  can sometimes look eight or ten channelled …   :slight_smile:

( decks , too   haha )


Meanwhile … HERE is the OTHER ‘glassed on fins ’ board , that I rode last week.   It’s 6’ 6 " x 20 " …

photo DSCF4288_zpsklvryeyp.jpg

[ I reckon that is kind of an interesting "snap repair camouflage job ", too , eh ?!   ;)  ]

photo DSCF4286_zpso8zy5o2n.jpg

photo DSCF4276_zpsts9eln0t.jpg

photo DSCF4262_zpsi6kym45p.jpg

the logo …

photo DSCF4291_zpsn0ogffaj.jpg

photo DSCF4293_zps0mhcmcmw.jpg

photo DSCF4292_zpsus7niobf.jpg


in fun , chest high , empty righthanders … yewwwww !!!    :slight_smile:

photo 10990817_10205592116783663_8941917191225982855_n_zpsiqapww5j.jpg

photo 10991362_10205592116103646_6144119812827562643_n_zpss8aqh0qe.jpg

photo 10960042_10205592115903641_3810167112035054016_o_zpsm84shyrc.jpg

Looks fun Ben

it WAS , Tom , cheers !


What have YOU  been riding lately , and how has the surf been there ?


  let’s hope Autumn here is MUCH better than the  recent ’ summer ’ that we never really HAD  !

Had a blast this morning, 3 hours of cleanish 4-5ft peeling lefts all too myself. My cousin walked the dogs and managed some pics. It got cleaner as the tide ebbed! Dont get enough days like this in life!!

Board used is 6’8" X 21 1/4" X 2 3/8" tri fin with 3d centre…

Speysurfer - nice pics, and great story!  How did you get the white lettering over purple board?

I’ve been working out of town a lot lately, this break is 5 minutes from my work, surfing pic is not me, I’m a goofy foot.  Generally pretty dense crowd out there (its Los Angeles), but I can see the break from my work, and take a little surf break when conditions are good.  Surfing crowds is a challenge, especially when you’re the “old guy” in the lineup, never gonna be the alpha dog, but I find I can generally always get a few waves if I go out with the right attitude.

We have been having a long hot summer over here on the eastern island. Still surfing in board shorts. I’ve been surfing this a lot waist to head and a half. Had a bit of a laugh a few days ago when a kid asked if it only went straight being a single fin.

7’3x22x3 flat to v around fin to flat

Hiya Huck & thankyou. The surfs been really good over the last few weeks & i’m managing 3-4 sessions a week, long may it continue. I’m still in 6mm of neoprene, but it does have the plus of putting alot of folk off getting wet, that & the remoteness means i surf predominantly by myself.

The 4 decals are all vinyl stickers i put on/over the first layer of cloth,with pigment (4oz) It’s then lammed with a layer of 2.3oz lammed clear. Andl if i accidently burn through into the weave while sanding, i dont need to use colour pigment again as the top layer of cloth is clear.

Glad your getting out and still snagging a few, i have osteo arthritis in both hips and do struggle some days, paddle strenth is still good tho.

Love that pastel blue board under your arm, it’s beautiful…


Nice board Tommorth, kids come out wee the daftest oh things! What’s board shorts? Haaa

…it HAS been a WHILE ,  eh ?!


( Ambrose Curry , do you still come here ?)


 cheers !



Hey Ben.  Wish I had a mat. Of course, If I’m getting wishes granted, I guess I should go for world peace and then a mat.  And a chocolate cake. Ha.

But to your questions, we saw Ambrose here a few days ago with a post on Huck’s “Chunk of Wood” thread.  Lovely prose. 

All the best, see you on IG

cheers Greg !


  good news that Ambrose is still around !


  here’s the next vessel , waiting in the wings …


  This board started life for me as a council collection throwout 7’6 , two days after I arrived back in Sydney , in October 2015 .  It was only 100 metres from where I was living at the time . I also scored a steamer (wetsuit) , a board bag , and a legrope. God’s provision , for sure , as I had just (semi jokingly?) said to my wife the day I arrived " now I’m back in Sydney , I might need a board " (!)

 Back in Sydney , after THIRTY years away , in West Australia . Then I had  a 2 1/2 year stint near Phillip Island (south Victoria) . Where I met ‘RDM’  from here , who generously gave me this fin he made , a 'Spitfire ’ …  I can’t wait to finally try it out again , in Sydney waves !  yewwww !!   ( I also met my wife , Hayley, during that brief time , there in South Victoria. )

 Anyway , back to the board in question …

 If it wasn’t for the funky popout side plugs , I’d be very tempted to spoon the deck and tail , to lighten it …


  cheers !!




… Here are the dimensions , and the plugs I mentioned …

this is Eric , with his 9’6" Takayama. 


He VERY  kindly offered me a go on it , while I was taking GoPro shots of him…


 How STOKED  do you reckon I was , to stand up and turn , on a surfboard , for the first time in , oh , 3 MONTHS (?!! )


Didn’t matter that they were microwaves …you couldn’t wipe the grin off my face all day !


I actually RAN  home (again , something I haven’t done for MONTHS !) , and my wife shared my STOKE  , when she heard …


 ( the second shot ,  is the microwave in question ;)  )