the zen of ding repair

chippie et al; photo validation

because I have photo I exist.

thanx to logan newbill’s cam.


I hear in traditional japan

the high art of making perfect

ceramic teacups that are only destroyed

cerimonially after use… surf board repair

can be elevated .like this ding,

After the board is destroyed

save the ding repair.

who’s lysdexic

not em,my dog is.

color by crayola waterbased felt pens

discarded by kindergarteners 25 years ago…

they run kinda nicely.


is posca tosca’s sister?

that didnt get in the opera?

is crayola a place in the czech republic?

nice ding repair! thanks for the extra large photo! 

" a dyslexic walks into a bra "

I love it.