thick/thin/light/heavy longboard fin question

Many manufacturers make a wood/glass fin for LB fin boxes.

Are they significantly lighter? Why don’t they make them wider than the fin box (at least on a pivot or malibu style fin)?

Why don’t they make more?

Does anyone know where I can find a light pivot syle fin that’s 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick? (or, does anyone want to whip out a custom for me :slight_smile: )?

They require a per fin glass layup. Too much labor.

Fin mfrs do large sheet layups, and cut fins from it.

A quickie calc. The strength of a fin is a product of the number of glass layers and radius from the center. If you make a 3/4" fin, to achieve the same stiffness as a 3/8" glass fin you need roughly 2 layers of glass per side. To achieve the same strength you need about 3.

Of course, this doesn’t help at the fin tab, which still needs to be mostly glass, because the thickness must be 0.350 inches.

Have you seen the hollow carbon Pope fin? It’s 90 bucks but you’d be hard pressed to find a thicker, lighter fin.

Hey John,

I picked up one of those a few months ago – definitely the lightest – just about completel rigid fin around.

Ever dip those Velzy classic or the Mental foam core/epoxy/carbon fins you tweaked to suit the board you felt they’d work best on mate?

Gone Surfin’, Rich