Thickness for a fish

I bought a 6’2C blank and I cut out my outline it is going to be a 5’7" with a 21" wide point

I am 5’6" and weigh 120 lbs

What should the thickness be for this board?


I’m no expert by a long shot, but after months of thinking about, researching and shaping my own fish I’d guess the consensus for a fish of that length and width given your size would be somewhere between 2.5 and 2.75 inches. A few might say up to 3. I just finished a 5’11" by 21.75" and the foam thickness was right at about 2.75. Not sure what the glassed thickness is. Good luck.

I’m no expert on fish either, but my bud, Quick rep NorCal, at 180lbs, floats and rips on a 2.75" thick 5’6" x 22.5 fish.

Go much thinner if you’re 120 lbs. That’s 60lbs difference.

FYI, I rode that board and it floated my old (54years), out of shape (hadn’t surfed in 7 months easy), low skilled butt (155lbs.) and coming off a 7’9" x 22 funboard, caught waves about the same!

Thanks guys for your help

Yo Chano ,

I am 1.74 n weigh 70kg , am riding a 5’7" x 21" x 3" . I do have some problems duck diving Indo bullet train wave but when u make the drop is all MAGIC !

Cheers …

I don’t know your ability, but for your weight, I wouldn’t go any thicker than 2 1/2" and probably less.

It’s like getting a T-Shirt that will fit… sure the XXL will fit on you and you can wear it, but you’ll feel more comfortable in the T-Shirt that fits you properly.

A thick fish will float you (no question), but you’ll have more fun if you give the board thickness and foil that suits your weight and ability.


I sent you a PM .

I’m in North county ,might be able to help with your project.


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got that from Chip fish !

I’m no expert, but my fish is 3" thick and it feel like a cork(a little longer than yours though). Don’t feel like it benefits any from the added volume. And I’m about 200lbs. I’m actually reshaping it, removing volume and cutting down the length.

If I were you I’d go 2 1/2" or 2 1/4" and keep the deck fairly flat rail to rail. Dont make the rails boxy, but blend them to the flat deck in a relativly short distance. This way it will keep a fair amount of volume, be more sensitive than a 3" thick board and you can still have fairly thin rails. just my two cents



Go for 2 1/2". I weigh 60kg and am 5’9 1/2". I find 2 1/2" to paddle beautifully on retro boards eg. singles, fish. were as on hp shortboards I go down to 2 5/16".

I am however a strong paddler and maybe 2 3/4" would be good beginers etc.

yes, I’m with Josh and havaard …I like 2 1/2" and thinner fishes , at 5’10 and 60-65kgs [145lbs] , I find a 5’11 x 20" x 2 1/2" floats me fine …

as does my 5’7 x 20" x 2 1/2" “stubbie” single fin …

I don’t like a corky too floaty feel , because with my lighter weight , I find it harder to sink the tail during turns .

I’m thinking the next 5’8 fish I make 20-21" max width , will be 2 3/8 " [max!] thickness when glassed.

okay, I hope this helps mate !


Hi Chano.I made a 6’1 x21.5"x3’’ fish and at 5.9 195lb(me) It is too thick.Could drop the size a few inches as well.

hi chano. not sure of your ability brudda, but my strong advice-when it comes to fishing-is THIN WIDE FLAT.

i never exceed 2 3/16" thick, usually 19 or 19 and-a-bit wide. but the real trick is in the curve.

you want that sucker so flat you could iron your clothes on it. for, say, a 5’11" fishy- i would cut it from the ass end of a 7’0" blank(virtually eliminating any thru rocker) i love my small wave boards sooo flat.

because the board is so thin it seems to have no problem in hollow gear.

i realise the contradictory nature of my post but i believe i have a formula that produces a board that can out-plane a 9 ft mal, yet handles a sucky drop, and stiff pocket with ease!!

i reckon (sorry guys, just my opinion) that extra foam in small wave boards, only serves to provide a corky feeling, that doesn’t like being on-rail.

my fav little 5’9" ironing board- gay photo tho