things you do when you know you should'nt

You would think that I would know better. And I do, but I did it anyway.

Yesterday it was to wet and humid to do the painting on some repairs. It would have been 99.9 % humidity so I did’nt glass any dings. I had sanded and preped all the other boards. So I thought what can I do for the rest of the day. I know I can cut out and foil a set of Western Red Cedar fish keels I have been planning to make for my partners fish. With that done I think what can I do now. I know, I can start glassing them. So I cut the glass. Oh, I should do a sealer coat first. Nah, I’ll just glass them. So I glass them and do a filler coat (hotcoat) and clean up and go in for a beer. This morning I go out to the shed to get them to show to Kay and she says, you glassed them yesterday!! And I say yes as I pull the laminate straight of the cedar. So there you go. I knew the moral to this story before I started. But I did it anyway. platty.

…‘‘kay is smarter than you are’’ ! [sung to the tune of nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah !]

nice one dave !

Maybe next time you’ll go surfing instead … [I got some fun ones on my new 9’er today !]


Howzit platty, Could have been the oils in the wood also, I had a similar thing happen doing a hau bush tail block that fogged after laminating and when I went to remove the glass it just peeled right off. Next time try a pre coat of just lam resin to seal the oils in then wood. I know high humidity can cause problems but yeaterday I did 2 gloss jobs and the humidity was at 100% on my hygrometer in the shop, since we have gotten quite a bit of rain the last few days. All the humidity did to the gloss jobs was set back the kick off time about 5 minutes which I expected would happen anyways.Aloha,kokua