Thinking twice

This is making me think twice about glassing in my apartment garage.


All the resin / hardener. I have it stored in a cool and dry area and sounds like bad things can happen even at shops.


Pretty scary. I need a shop that I can glass my blanks in Santa Cruz. I wish there was a FOAM-EZ here.





That stuff doesn’t look like surfboard resin, from the description. The catalyst appears to something other than MEKP.

I have glassed in the basement of a house, but would not do it living space. Small ding repairs? Sure. Done that plenty.

As to the other link about the fire in SC? If you take all the necessary steps and pay attention to what you’re doing, fire is really no consideration. If you want a really nice fire, mix acetone and MEKP, and ignite. Works like a charm.

EPOXY is your friend.

that’s polyURETHANE resin… Majority are glassed with polyESTER resin. still unhealthy stuff though…wear a mask and gloves

gnarly - what breed of dog is that in your avatar?

I totally missed that. No wonder the catalyst is not MEKP. It’s a much different critter from polyester resin.

sammy a,

yeah, I’ve never used it and don’t know if anyone has either…don’t know what chemical reaction would happen on a pu blank or eps

I second the motion…

I wouldn’t even think about using polyester resin in a habtitation. I speak from experience. I did a poly gloss coat once in our apartment and my wife just about threw me out.  Almost ended my board making hobby…


Use EPOXY and your golden…

End of issue…

That being said, you’re in SC? There’s gotta be some swayfolk in your area that will let you use their space.

Ya, I just emailed Doug Haut and his team to see if I can learn from him and his team. Hopefully!!!

I’ve read so much about Doug Haut and his philosophy on surfing. 



My “golden” what?

Maybe he’s referring to the hue, or color of the off-mixed, or off-ratio epoxy?

Actually  I meant “Golden” as in “You’re good to go,”  or “You’re a happy camper,”  or “You’re on cloud nine,” or “Happy as a fat rat in a cheese factory,” or…

There is a difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you’re shit.