thins that float

Been making fins for lots of Great shapers over the years and have came across a closed cell material that bindes with resin and glass that lets the dislogded fin to float back to the beach can be glass-on or fin system and looks bloody nice as current core fabrics.

                              More to follow, 

                              Regards Rod.

Hey Rod, Wegener is doing a simaler concept with his fins not ‘waying down’ the board but rather floating.

only way to go …

good to see you back on deck …



As a shaper, fins always worried me a lot. Wood, fiberglass, plastics, composites, glass on or changeable ones, whatever they are made, all fins had a problem in common: wheight. If they can float, maybe two problems are in way to be solved. Good luck in your research.

Nice to see you back

What is the name of the material

At this time I have to keep it under rapes but have them being tested in 8 ft at snapper rocks in oz to see how they hold up.

When there on the board they total 85 grams in F.C.S. Glass/on will be even lighter at 70 grams.

Boardmakers think they will come into there own for grom boards under 5’10’'.

But like a lot of idea’s they soon get copied by China

Regards Rod

Hey Finfection,

Wood always floats, I’ve had a couple of fins I’ve made float up on the beach, makes a good converstain starter for the person that picks it up for you as you slew sideways on your board on your way in trying to find it…