This is the Final cut After my Sister Murder


here is the final board…1 modern fish…I´m feeling almost ready to kill my sister.

ey Herb…i think this one can surf…the pics are comming in a near future!

see you!

I like it…reminds me of one of mine!

…when gluing pads up; shoe goo works or wetsuit glue goes along way.

ey Herb!!

if one SHAPER like you tell me that, believe me man, makes my day!


and the tip is for sure one SOLUTION for me!!! i will try, then i tell you how it works.

just because of my poor english i need one aclaration: the glue, goes in the midle of the rigid pad and the foam, and between the foam and the vinil, right?

or…goes between the foam and the sand discks just like the powerpads?

i´m sorry Herb, its so difficult to me, i want to blow my self for my english level.

thanks for your time…and your determination.

see you


Sorry for the late reply…

The glue I mentioned is for making pads…not for sand paper adhesion.

if Herb doesn’t mind me adding on:

hope that’s of use



Herb…thanks man, now its very clear for me.

Doc…the graphic is so cool!!! help me a lot…

one more time guys…you are great!!!

i will post pics of my new homemade pad




no probs…weather’s been kinda extreme in your neck of the woods lately ,heh?//

Hi Herb,

Oh, it’s been a little odd the last couple years, definitely. Last year was a ‘hundred year’ snowfall, so far this year it’s winds and downed trees.

And that reminds me, I gotta pick up a part for the chainsaw, to deal with the ( roughly) four cords of wood I have yet to cut and split. Who needs ‘exercise’ when there’s work to be done, you know?

Best regards



“sand paper adhesion”…do you have som advice for some kind of “homemade glue”??



are there any horses or donkeys where you are living ?


Dower, Yes here are plenty of them…ajajajaja

Maybe I don´t let you understand me, the point is that I need some information about what kind of glue is the best option for add your sandpaper to the foam of the pad …just like we can see in the glassing video by Jhon Carper. Here I can´t find “stick-e” glue or “tacki disc adhesive”.

tanxxxxx guys