This makes the landlord look tame...

what glassing schedule do I need on my next longboard so it can withstand

a whale landing on it :slight_smile:

Holly !!! S#@ did you see how fast the guy was paddling after he came up out of the water. Wooooow!!!

one lucky sob for sure…

Sorry to be a cynic, but I question whether the clip not just a very convincing, well edited fake. Who can say? Certainly not I but the days of not believing everthing you read are rapidly evolving into ones of not believing everything you see. Could be someone will come along and prove this really happened. 'Till then I hedging my bets but I’m still keeping clear of a killer whale and her calf.

Consider that if the whale was serious about getting the job done it would have used a more effective means of attack. Orcas ain’t dumb you know.

I’m reminded of a fishing trip I was on about 15 years ago. A pod of killer whales passed by us as were running in a 33 foot cabin cruzer on a salmon trip. One of the bulls surfaced about 20 feet off the bow of the board. It’s dorsal had to be a least 12 feet high. I can still see it in mind’s eye. One of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen on the high seas. Makes a guy feel pretty small.

Mahalo, Rich

P.S. Some days you eat the bear. Some days the bear eats you.

Looked like the Orca wanted to play. Did you see the happy expression on his face when he turned on his side upon re-entry into the water?


I’m sure the orca didn’t want to do the job… if so, it would come again, and a kayak isn’t small enough for this kind of mistakes.

Anyway if i was the kayak padler, i’d die anyway when seeing the orca flying over me…

Well I don’t know but I’m sure that they had to hose the kayak out afterwards…

You can thank Powerade for that clip.

Exactly…it’s a Japanese commercial for Powerade Sport drink…the kayaks were digitally created and the footage is from a documentary on killer whales.

However, ask the guys up in Washington State and I’d bet you hear a few Orca stories. I’ve surfed Neah Bay, on the Washington coast, and after we left the break we went to a spot nearby and spotted an Orca cruising the coast.

Spooky place, Neah Bay. Reminiscent of the “Heart Attacks” mysto break in author Kem Nunn’s “Dogs of Winter”.