This Plastic Fantastic has seen better days

I have this board sitting up in my garage and have been wanting to get around to cleaning it up if possible. I picked this up from a guy that had it in his storage shed for years. I’ve been told that the bottom is due to heat damage. It is weird, kind of like delam but instead of the glass bubbling up, it has sunk down. There is one spot of delam on the deck, but the bottom is what I am looking at first. I know that the fin is off too. What kind of fin box is this? or is it someone’s try at a glass on? I read a thread last week on a bent fin and a hairdryer so I think I am gonna try it after I address the bottom. Any suggestions on what to do?


[img_assist|nid=1050172|title=Plastic Fantastic|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=333|height=498]

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[img_assist|nid=1050171|title=Plastic Fantastic|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=465|height=351]

The photos aren’t clear enough to tell what’s going on with the fin, or the bottom.

i’ll snap more tonight. Thanks

Here is a couple better shots of the bottom. [img_assist|nid=1050183|title=pf|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=800|height=603]


























































yeah, the deck is in much better shape. Just a bit of age yellowing and a delam bubble. It has an interesting pinline to it. Not really a pinline, but its almost like when the pinline is the outline of another shape. not sure if that makes any sense. I’ll snap a pic or two and post it.

Looks pretty fvcked. I’d agree that it was subjected to a lot of heat. Possibly left in the Sun for years. Seen that before, where the foam actually shrunk.

Got a good photo of the fin/box?

If you like the shape, copy it.  I think that's the best you're gonna do.  Be a fun project, a reproduction, including logo, color, and fin, kinda like Kensurf did with his Nuuhiwa fish, except he didn't have a board there to copy from.

the foam has decomposed and the glass has shrunk into it

dont waist your time and money

if you love the shape ,, make a template

give the board to the Surfing Heritage Foundation ( IF they want it for prosperity)

to sum it up ,,, that thing is trash,,, only the logo and outline are of value   (my opinion)

The reason why I got the board was not for the shape. My StepDad worked for Plastic Fantastic back in the 60’s and it was just cool for me to get one. He’s past on now and its kinda more of a wall hanger for me now. I’ll give it a spin and it will probably ride like crap but that’s ok. Atleast I know now that its more trouble to tear it down then its worth, so that saves me from trying. It has a number of 3308 or some where close to that number on the deck, so I think it was around the time he was there. Thanks for all of the comments.

Soooooo,,, Its a family airloom!

definetly keep it

you didnt show us the deck side

if its in better shape than the bottom you could sand it and regloss

then make some cool hangers and display it  (deckside out of course)

I think I know what youre saying about the pinline

pulled in at the nose and tail?

This might be one of the boards damaged in the Plastic Fantastic factory fire in HB in the late 60’s early 70’s. There we heaps with heat damage/shrinkage that they sold very cheap many other were partially burned etc… It was a very very hot fire (as you can imagine) and really big deal back then. The entire factory was ruined.


I’d forgotten about that, and it makes perfect sense. All that weird blistering and such would take something more than prolonged sunlight, or even being left in a hot car for too long. It might well be one of the boards from the “fire sale”.

sand high spots untill you hit the weave - fill depressions with q-cell -- filler coat and sand whole bottom flat --- put new colour on bottom...should come out OK maybe

Uhmmmm- I sold Plastics in that era. Very good boards for their time. Fast,  worked well, turned well - they maybe hit their peak in the 7-something gunny boards of the early '70s and the 6'-something 'penetrator' types, which were like a gunny shape with the nose kick sawn off to a blunt outline, nose downrailed and concave, not much nose rocker at all.

As to that one - I'd call it a wall-hanger, make a reproduction. I doubt you'll repair it such that it'll never get weird on the bottom again, filling it to 'flat' would weigh a helluva lot more than you want, call it a quarter inch over most of the bottom. Shoot a pic of the decal, print on rice paper, copy the shape slavishly but go fo more of a downrail thing, consistent with the later Plastics which went really well rather than copying the original rails which are awfully 1969-ish.


hope that's of use