those shaper ads you see in the mags! (and more)

HEY…! I was just looking at an ad on the back cover of the current Surfer’s Journal - It’s a Rainbow sandals ad, and it’s got a shot of Mickey Munoz skinning a blank in his “rubba Slippahs”. AND, speaking of rubber, I noticed that within the “U” part of the mick’s shaping rack - he appears to have a piece of (what sure looks to me like) -roll sheet rubber! (like a BELT!). Right on! Check it out! (WAY handy for keeping the blank in place while on edge, no doubt!). I was wondering if any of you guys - currently - have your racks set up this way?! ( How do you all pad your racks?!). It’s often amazing - some of the enlightening stuff you can pick up from looking at some of these “shaping room” adverts. It’s a lot of un playing Sherlock Holmes. I once saw an ad where a shaper (forget who) - was using his handsaw - IN REVERSE- cutting his blank from bottom to top; using it like a pull saw (upstroke being the main cutting action). I’ve tried this and found that you get GREAT control! Ever since seeing that, I keep my eyes peeled! Which leads me to another question…how do you folks cut YOUR blanks? …hand saw, jigsaw- any hotwire enthusiasts out there - What do you guys like best? Laters, T.

does most of my work now,once and awhile I use a router with a sawbit or grithead(rarely anymore).The crosscut allows me to cut in both directions,you can get the same saw that I use @ HomeDepot for around 20 bucks.(check the board page under “other” for a shot of my racks).Herb.

Same here, except a 20" Stanley. I cut a 1/4" outside my line flip it on its side and then bring it down with the planner.

…hand saw, jigsaw- any hotwire enthusiasts out there - What do > you guys like best? Laters, T. I use the saber saw to about 1/4" – my secret to get the cut 90 degrees to the bottom is to attach the “rabbiting fence” to the planner and bring it to the outline mark – bottom and deck match perfect. If you have a 1/2 hemisphere template – in good shape – you can clamp it to the blank and use the router with a guide to make a perfect cut, fast and clean. shine.

I use a hand saw. I have seen on shaper who uses a special router to cut the outer edges of the blank. It was slick, fast and accurate.