thoughts on good colors for acid splash....

making a 5’6" fish for a friend. gave the bottom a nice yellow tint rapping around the rails. i plan to do my first real acid splash on the deck. i already have yellow, orange, red, blue, black, and white pigments. with these colors what would be a good base color and other colors to blend in with it?

what is the process of mixing them together. ive been searchign the archives but its kinda rough. do i pick whatever my base color is and mix that, then mix in catalyst, then slowly stir in a few colors into the same bucket? or do i seperate them into different buckets?





This is kind of the Holy Grail of glassing, and not many want to share their exact techniques. But experimenting with different mixes is a good start. First, look at a color wheel, ie, if you mix red, yellow, blue you’ll get the color of mud at the end of your pull. If you mix red, yellow, with some white or maybe a little purple you’ll get orange or a rust color at the end of the pull. So it’s kind of an artistic thing. I do acid swirls a few different ways, but a good one is to start off with a light base and add the darker colors too it. Put the accent colors into ketchup squeeze bottles. Mix up your base in a bucket kick it off, Kick off the ketchup bottles and squeeze the colors in slowly to the base, all at the same time or one at a time. The more you move the stream of resin around the bucket the more it will be swirly, but the more it will completely blend at the end of the pull. Keep a lot of clean squeegies around. Good luck


thanks again jay!

i think for my first time i might go with orange as the base color, with red, yellow, and maybe some black thrown in there.

now that i think of it…i kinda like mud




what kind of acid splash are you going to do. if you pick out of these photos i will post i will describe the process for you. I know alot of people dont like giving up their techniques, but i will give them to whoever. Austin S.

austin, very cool.

i was speaking of the red marbel one pictured in the last picture. what colors would go well with a yellow tinted bottom, and how would i do it. i am pretty good on tints as ive done a few, but its my first acid splash.

it would be awesome if you could explain the process to get that look


Austin, I really like the red/black/white? acid splash board being held up in the snow and I also like the orange/black pattern done on the Hi-Pro 9'2".  Could you please let me know more details about both of these techniques.  They look great!  I will be using and EPS foam blank and I'll seal it with spackle with epoxy resin but are there any tips or precautions when using these materials with tinted resins.  Thanks. 

     Howzit Austin, It seems we think alike, since before I even opened your reply I was thinking red and black and there you are holding one,and the orange and black look good also. I think most colors with some black look the best and I really got into doing them on the foam instead on in the lamination (like the way it seals the foam). Tell you Mom and Dad Aloha from me.Aloha,Kokua

well when recently tripping on mushies in Thailand, when I closed my eyes I could clearly see reds, yellow, oranges and purple, all pulsating to the thumping beat of the music with a solid black background...., almost like a digital light show in lava...if that makes sense.....

great to see you on here djk !!

please post photos of your results ,

i like your work !!

and say hi to jj and tfad for me eh ?


ben ex- chipfish61 chipper ,