Thoughts/opinions on Js industries surfboards

Well, after hearing all the hype and buzz about his shapes, i emailed a distrubuter and to my surprise it will olny cost $465 with shipping to Kauai (very stoked) Does anybody ride, or has ridden a JS board? Would just like some feedback on his boards. Im probably going to order one.

They sell them here in the mainland, in SD . . . When the Clark Foam thing went down, they stayed at the same price . … they sell them for $450. That’s cause Australian boards mainly use foam produced for them . . .

Never rode one personally,

This guy got on in the surfermag forum. he posted pics

that’s funny there’s a guy called reef drag with an avatar of martin lawrence doing a dance to ‘your not the father’ (new rap song?) who scored a deal that is going to kauai . You should say Hi to him


Ive fallen to the hype and i am ordering a custom js for $465 with shipping to kauai(what a deal)any thoughts or opinions on what to bring up when i ordering, or, “whatch out for that”, “make sure not to order that” type of stuff. i know its a stupid question

title Yea yah ordering a JS if you want to search for it.

This post is about a guy who ordered one and some al merrick stuff . . . and he has pics of his board . . . but for some reason there is no board review at the end.

most posts in that forum . . . they post pics of their board and how it rides … . but this one the guy never returned back and posted about it . . . One can assume if he was happy with it he’d go back and tell the world. But its like how people posted about the space cake and there was those space cakes in the classifieds a few months after that post, one of them a yellow space cake was up there for a long time in the classifieds too.

the guy posted at later dates about Bill Johnson surfboards . . . I got one it rides nice (but I should have gotten something that favors front and back footed surfing styles, the board I have is clearly a back foot ninja type of board).

I’ve seen those boards up in person, nothing outstanding but nothing bad about them. Clean and nice glassing, a few have gloss and sanded gloss. I prefer Al Merricks myself, because I have two boards straight up magic for me (look at the forum, apparently I’m not the only one).


I do ding repairs for several shops here in NC that sell them. They are very popular here. I think this has as much to do with who rides them on the WCT though. Clean shapes and nice glassing just like CI, Rusty, Sharp Eye, etc. Definitely high performance weight so it’ll be dead feeling in 6 months if you surf hard. The shops say they are glassed with better materials but I’ve repaired as many broke noses and broken FCS plugs as any other brand. Maybe more when it comes to the FCS plugs.


One of my friends bought one in Bali, he was happy about the way it rides.

But the glassing was not very good, either that or it was lightweight glass job.

the board cracked in the tail very soon after he bought it and to me it looked like the tail cracked up very easily.

Also the deck started giving in very fast.

They are probably cranked out fast and with lightweight glassjobs, I don’t know it was the only Js I’ve seen up close.

Howzit Kauaigrown, Bruce Irons rides them and then sells them to my landlord who has me repair them. For one thing they only have one 4oz layer on the deck so they will dent really easy,but I've not seen any of them have FCS problems yet.Actually for a single layer glass deck they hold up pretty well except for the pressur dents. But one of them had a not as good glass job as the others and they will stress crack, this has been most of the repairwork i've had to do on them. I'd say if you want a really light board they are probably the best choice over epoxy boards. Got 2 in the shop right now, one will stress cracks and the other the tail buckled right in front of the fins.Aloha,Kokua

Hi Kauaigrown,

A few of my friends ride JS boards and they swear by them… really nice shapes. The glass jobs are ultra light so they probably won’t last you as long as a board that’s been glassed to last, but they go great.


Aloha Mike! it’s John Outzen. Thanks for your reply to my question. I’m new to the message board and it’s pretty awesome you help others on this message board with your immense knowledge and experiance. Why im intrested in ordering a JS is because I feel uncomfortable with the Papa Sau in bigger waves. I took it out to Flatrock on saturday night(2/4/05) with the swell rising and caught some pretty nice sized waves. The Papa Sau seemed twitchy and very wobbley, perhaps Mark put a little to much Vee of the back fin. But as far as smaller waves go, the board is soooo fun, your glass job is just AMAZING! and the fins you hooked me up with are very drivey and fast (much mahalo for the hookup). So basically i’m thinking about ordering a Js for maybe a little more juicer bigger waves like the bay and just to experiance some more boards and diffrent shappers. I sold some old boards of mine and I now have some money to order a JS through a distributer named Joji Kamio for $465, and I can still keep the Papa Sau, so basically i will be set. Would you happen to have a JS for sale by any chance? or any other boards? im really trying to build a quiver. Aloha!

                                                    - John

Howzit John, I’m pretty bad with names and am trying to figure out if I know you,sorry about that. Does the board have a KOKUA FIBERGLASS lam on the tail, if not then I didn’t glass it. Could have been done by Imua or Delaney if not me. Thought Papa was into concave in the tails but if you ordered it with vee than that’s what you get. My boards always have plenty of vee from the nose to to tail and never had any problems with it. Don’t have any JS’s for sale since I just repair the ones for my landlord. Aloha,Kokua

You glassed it recently for me, It was a 5’6" and you know my dad Jay Outzen. Im not sure whether or not I should go for a JS, ive never owned a board that hasnt been locally shaped before. still contemplating weither or not if i should go for it.

still wondering if I sould go for a JS or local shaper. hmmm. decisions decisions


still wondering if I sould go for a JS or local shaper. hmmm. decisions decisions

Hard to know until you try one. If your comfortable with that particular “model” then its all good. On the other hand if you get a board from a local shaper you get a real person to talk to behind the label who could shape you a surfboard thats made specifically for you and your local waves and conditions also you can fine tune your future shapes with a local shaper.

…very true.

Howzit Kauaigrown, Maybe you could get in touch with Papa Sau (Mark Sausen in Haena) about shaping you a JS model since he made a template from one of the ones I’m fixing and he could come over and get the rest of the dimensions for one. Aloha,Kokua

Just thought I would give some feedback to your discussion. First, just like with any custom order from a shaper that you haven’t gotten a board from before, you just have to take a chance and see if the shapers style of shaping is what appeals to you. Plus, the resale value of the board will still be very high if you choose to sell it. Secondly, glassing can be ordered to any individuals needs to handle the type of surfing style one has. Lastly, I am a bit concerned with the usage of the term JS model b/c as far as I know only Jason Stevenson makes JS boards and models. Perhpas John can buy a used board first to see if he really likes the designs and take it from there. A hui hou JK