tie dye deck


yeah , DO it , Noe !


 … and you know WHO would be a willing recipient of any leftover [ fin panel-sized ] pieces… and WHY ?!


 By the way …  that  darker brown linen that you so kindly sent [ with the greeny/ blue streaks through it ]  ?  It looks UNREAL in the  two fin panels I laid up with it , mate … thanks soooo much for it , and the others !!

have you used it on [m]any of your boards , so far ??


 cheers !




… isn’t  that actually  " batik " , [a differently done  material effect ] , in the opening photo in this thread ?


 I ask ,  my brother has some of THAT spare , from his many Indo trips over the years …


TIE  dying , on the other hand , is something I remember doing in the 1970s , as a teenager … with white cotton tee shirts , cans of ‘Dylon’ fabric dye , string , and various sized rubber bands …






?   maybe the terminology / effect has changed ?  or ,  become more ‘generic’ , over the years , as THIS is what a ‘google image search’ turned up for me ?





compared with …


  The  ’ Batik ’  technique…



indonesian batik …




  and , for the ‘D.I.Y’  brigade …



Wow, Mr Fin. Those are amazing. 

If I’m not mistaken, batik is done as a ‘wax resist’ type of dye process.  A pattern is applied with wax, then the fabric dyed.  

I would be leery of using a fabric that has been waxed.  I’ve seen an entire deck delaminate that was inlaid with plain unwaxed cotton fabric and it was a well known brand name surfboard.  

For a batik pattern I’d be inclined to use the digital printing process.

That was my thought too John - Batik = wax = no-no! 


Google “Ice Dyeing” it’s even radder than tie-dye! 



Yeah Ice Dying is the one Josh!  looks like fun, now just gotta find the right material to use if anyone has any tips… huie?

I have used some wax coated “african” fabric for inlays, just got to wash it first on a warm wash and it works fine…

I think the ice comes out funkier and less “hippy” maybe more " hipster" :slight_smile:

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“//www.youtube.com/embed/IhBtRaltPIM” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>


  that is UNREAL, Josh , thanks for that .


I think I may have to do that with cotton inlays for fin panels …


I wonder if even sprinkling dylon powders onto the resin in a fin panel would work too …


  you have done a dangerous thing now , Josh ! [you got me thinking …uh oh !]   :slight_smile:




We got some tie dye done. We ended up using Dylon type dye in three colors my friend picked. He chose vibrant purple, ocean blue, and tropical blue. We bought 4 yards of Muslin fabric at 36" wide. Bleached white and not pre shrunk, cost about 8$. Next we blended up a good amount of ice and poured the powered dye over it. When the snow/ice melts it leaves behind deluted, full strength, and different shades of one color. Heres a test sample we have made up

Good test Hippo!

Something like this would be cool, can anyone confirm that Nylon would be ok to use?