tie dye deck

how do you think I would be able to do this? I would like to be able to put this on my 8’ board im currently making.

I would say that it is a cloth inlay just under the hot coat. Might want to experiment with some light weight cloth see how it holds up to being tye dyed and then laminated. 

digital print on rice paper or other non-structural cloth

looks like digital on rice paper to me aswell. Probably right on the foam, them lammed over it. - it could simply be an enhanced photo but the colors to look a bit vibrent for a rice paper. I dont think the white of the foam would show through that well if it was cloth.

It could be done with either cloth inlay or rice paper though. Both have there own set of techniques.

check out www.boardlams.com


It kinda looks like if you let a bunch of water get underneath the glass and turn the foam moldy.

There’s no reason why that would be digital - even if it were one of a bunch of GSI Waldens that were all the same, a crew of ladies could do enough tie-dying with the same style to reproduce that one loosely. 


My mum did that sort of stuff when I was a kid. I reckon I’m going to have a look into some of this - looks cool.


The fabric would count for a lot in terms of resin usage and weight - even some added impact strength could be gained with the right stuff. 


Not tie-dye, but I did this inlay with a light cotton - 



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hey josh

**i have the exact fabric you need  .7-oz loves epoxy enhances the integrity of your glass work   will take a dye **


cheers huie

i’m paying attention to see what you’ve got huie! 

Nice one Hiue - I have a shoulder operation on the cards soon, so I’ll be looking for lightweight work to occupy myself when I can’t push a planer for a couple of months. 


The dye thing might be managable. and fun. PM



I’d love to make some matching fins for it too, Josh … if you DID have any spare offcuts , please , Huie ??





so what if you took 100% cotton, dyed it, layed it directly on the foam and glassed over it? Would that work or is there a different layup. Like 



Cloth Inlay


inlays seem difficult

Yes it will work . good luck

Will the dye run under the lam?  Experiment first to save a major headache.

There is some info in the archives.  And I think Cleanlines demonstrates on his video. Use only cotton cloth. Tape off the foam, use th good tape, stretch the cloth out over the deck so no wrinkles show. I hung some weighted clips around the perimeter. Saturate with epoxy and do a cut lap when it gets cheesy. Use a bright light underneath to highlight the tape line when you cut the cloth. 

Forgot to mention. It is an asymmetrical mini Simmons. 

Would that be nylon 6.6? can be dyed and adds strenth

nice one Greg , whats the dims on that?

Cloth inlay.

Under glass.

Been done since the 60’s maybe earlier.

Colors are too solid to be on rice paper.

Rice paper lams are kinda dull, and not to vivbrant. Semi-transparent.

Tape, lam, cut. Like Greg discribed.

Almost any cotton cloth will work.

Except that with a plastic backing.

Couple bucks at the fabric store.


great idea, might have to try one, have done plenty of cotton inlays but doing your own pattern is cool…

Catfish, it’s 5-8/5-6 and 22.25 wide.  I over shot on the size and am selling on Brevard craigs list.  Embarassing thing is that I have preached to everyone else to always go smaller than you think, and I failed to follow my advice.

But to the point here, cloth inlays are not hard. The biggest obsticle is doing the cut lap with the flash lite in a dark room so you can see the tape and stretching to get the wrinkles out.  Don’t think they will relax when saturated.  Nope.  Remember to use a little wall paper seam roller on the edges to push them down (crush a little foam) so you don’t get a ridge at the edge.

all the best