time between lam and hotcoat

i have all my resin and glass, but my fin is yet to arrive. I want to glass my board, but I was wondering if there’s a certain amount of time that you should wait in between lam and hotcoat. for instance, will it be alright if i lam my board this weekend and then wait to hot coat it next weekend when my fin gets here? or will this have some sort of effect on the board?

i’m not sure whether i’m glassing it on or putting in a bahne box yet, but you do both of those after the hotcoat anyway right?

Whether it is a glass-on or a fin-box, you’d be better off doing it just after laminating. This way you can hot-coat the fin together with the rest of the board or laminate an extra layer of cloth over the fin-box, making it stronger.

Glass-on fins should go on after laminating: Glass fabric to glass fabric. A finbox is better, in my opinion, after hotcoat. If you route out for the finbox just after laminating, you might get some foam and/or glass fibers stuck to the board since the lam is usually a bit sticky.

Futures center boxes go in after shaping, and before laminating. Doug

You can hotcoat as soon as the board is near cured.

IF you use UV resin you should only have to wait a few minutes. Normal MEKP resin you should wait until it is not too gummy to touch. A day maybe less depoending on variables.

The longer you wait, the more dirt, dust, DNA and other malfiesance can find it’s way into the cloth groovves and will be very difficuly to clean out. If you have to wait a while, make suure you use an old sheet or a dropcloth (not plastic) to cover both the deck and the bottom to wrap your board till you get to hotcoating.


Howzit barefeet, When it comes to the deck I like to wait 24 hours after laminating before hotcoating even with UV resin. Seems to make a difference and you’ve got the time. Most factories will do them as soon as the lam has kicked but they are in a hurry. Waiting 24 hours will make the deck harder in the end.Aloha,Kokua