surfed today very rainy half a dozen people out oddly quiet the rain hitting the ocean surface made the coolest noise never heard this noise before sounded like the way my arm does when it falls asleep pins and needles maybe this always happens maybe i just haven’t listened before was a good morning

You settled for second best, dude. The REAL tingle is smacking down a cool 3 grand for a Wayne Lynch Evo. Tingles all over before ever leaving the showroom.

i forgot to mention i was riding my gucci kevlar semi-gun

Simple. Sound is a wave. Instead of being a wave of water, though, sound is a wave of pressure. Pressure squeezes or compresses whatever it is traveling through, such as air. The air that sound travels through is called a medium. A medium can be anything - a liquid (such as water), a solid (such as the sea floor), or a gas (such as air). Because waves move, you can think of a sound wave moving in air. Imagine a tiny section of the air as a particle. This air particle receives a tiny push then a pull as sound travels through it. This causes the air particle to vibrate backward and forward around the spot where it was before the sound wave came through. The spot is called its equilibrium position. The movement of the air particle is called vibration. A sound wave is called a compressional or longitudinal wave. Water waves, on the other hand, are called transverse waves because the particles move up and down but the wave moves left and right. The implication: Every hearing human being is a wave rider who structures their sonic world in relation to the way they ‘ride’ these waves of sound pressure.