Tinted Lam(tail corners)??????

Does anyone know the trick to getting the tinted lam color clean through those cut corners? I want to tint the bottom lam and clear the top for my first attemp at tints=yellow.Thanks,Trev

just be more anal with your cut,more anal than a clear lam. if you are doing yellow it should work out fine. yellow is a great color for doing tinted lam;s …good luck

I used to be real anal about the corners when tinting, but they would inevitably come out a little darker than the rest of the tint. Now, I think it looks cool. I’d just focus on keeping an even touch on my squeegee when doing the tint, and not worry too much about the corners–it only adds to the old-school resin tint feel. Good luck!

Thanks for the ideas guys! I’m going to try it tomorrow.T