Tiny block plane

Has anyone ever used one of these to take down stringers?   Veritas block plane 2 3/4 X 3/4.  


I want one!

I have a number of Veritas/Lee Valley Tools. Top quality stuff. I suspect this little plane with a real Norris type adjustment is a huge step up from the other versions. 


I thought that it would cost more than $42  For the price, go for it.

That is really tiny. Looks like a standard Stanley thumb plane, first pic, on the right? If so, the Veritas is lilliputian.

A plane is only as good as the sharpness of its blade.  I learned that a long time ago from Rich Harbour.  He had planes so sharp that they would get a continuous curl of foam off the length of a longboard blank.  That being said, that’s a really trick little plane and at my age, I need to spend less time futzing with tools than shaping so I’m buying one. Rockler & Lee Veritas have the best tools, and you get what you pay for.   I threw away my razor blade plane (like the one on the left) a long time ago.  I have a series of planes that I use depending on the wood stringer, grain direction, etc.  I would think that that little plane would be wonderful for the final dress out of a three stringer blank, specially on the rails.  Great find!  Just my 2c…

I had to dig out that razor palne for size comparison.  I don’t use the razor plane.  I have been able to put a good edge on my planer knives.  I use 300 and 600 diamond stones to restore damaged knives.  Then use 1000, 4000 and 8000 water stones for final sharpening. I also use a Veritas honing jig.  Even got a real small one for the small block plane.  I have been putting a radius on knives and I finally can take down stringer final time without ripping foam.  

I’m a block plane junky.  The Veritas are very good planes, but if you want to step it up, look into Lie-Nielsen. They are made in Maine and are simply great tools.  Most of their tools are now going for more money used than new.  The factory is working with limited staff due to COVID, so supply is limited.  I have a few of their planed and they are super sharp out of the box, and works of art.  I always liked the Stanley 60 1/2 and I just replaced the blade with a Hock, a good way to go if you cannot get a Lie-Nielsen

Hello; I want to introduce another point of view. Since I started to use super sharp blades I have been having LOTS of problems with cristallization. You can say that cristallization has nothing to do with how sharp a block plane is; I would say the same…

I tested all types of things included different foam brands; different woods; weather conditions; different times to do the glassing work; baby sitting the resin; more resin over stringers; different batches of resins; etc.

I obtain an excellent finish over the wood stringers and besides of course.

I think that is so smoothed that generate a problem with the adhesion and finally after couple of days the cristallization appears.

Hilariously cute. Was wondering what was going on with the edges of the iron, makes sense. And yes, I too want one, for no earthly reason beyond fondling it now and then. 

For what it’s worth, your series of waterstones are what I use on my straight razors. If you really want to go wild, you might try a leather/canvas razor strop and some of the compound they use on those. And yes, ‘razor sharp’ is a thing. 

have fun, he wrote, enviously


…available in flat or convex sole…https://www.lie-nielsen.com/nodes/4063/handplanes . A friend received an engraved lie-nielsen thumb plane as a gift , when he was inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame some years back.