tip on steaming wood for bending

a friend of mine’s grandfather once had an old lifeguard board he refurbished and my friend told me how his grandfather would take a long gutter pipe and fill it with boiling water to bend the strips of cedar for the boat. It is a really good idea and works well. No more steaming small sections at a time you can do pieces as long as the gutter pipe you can buy.(if you stopped up the drainage hole in the gutters on your house you wouldn’t even have to buy a new section of gutter just climb up on a ladder.)

Yep, did that once with 4-inch diameter pipe to heat up some spruce (?) to replace a plank in a boat hull. We used a blowtorch on one end of the pipe, but it takes a hell of a lot of heat to get all the water up to boiling. Still, we did gain some pliability from it - we were using 3/4 inch thick wood too.