Tipps for 1+2 Fin Placement for a midlength

Hi all,

I am planning a new midlentgh shape with a 1+2 fin setup and I need some guidance for the fin placement.
Contrary on Single, Twin or Thruster setups, I didn’t find good advice for placement of 1+2 setups.

I planned a long US-Box in the middle and two Future boxes for the side bites. It would be great to be able to use it with a large single fin only as well as with a smaller center and side fins.

Shape will be a mellow 7’2" with slight diamond tail or squash with a bit of vee throughout except in front of fin area.

Any tips or general thought would be highly appreciated!

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Hi Robert,
I have a similar size board planned and am going to set it up for 2+1 as well, I was planning on basing it on this Greenlight Guide. Hopefully that helps?

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I am planning the same shape right now. Expecting my blank soon. I’ll keep an eye on this post and put anything in if I find something good.

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That sounds good.
In the meantime I also received some tips elsewhere. Roughly, the side fins should start where the centerfin would end, maybe with up to one centimenter between them to allow for more experimentation :slight_smile:

I love greenlight! :smiley:
Somehow I missed that infographic, thanks a lot!

Here’s some guidelines from a master-

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I went for the standard center fin placement of the 10.5 slot 5 inches from the tail and the two side bites 15 inches up. Roughly were the fin ends if it is in the middle. About to glass in the fcsii side bites. wish me luck!

Just saw this post, the sidebites might be a bit forward. I usually place my side fins where the rear dot is about about 12", or have the back edge of the side fin at about 12".
Lately I have them set to use twin fins.
My newest 7’ has just the twin boxes, but I have marks for making it a quad or thruster. If I use a long box in the center, I have the end of the box at 4 1/2" to be able to use it as a thruster or single or 2 + 1.

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