Tips for filling fin plugs with resin....


any ideas/tips etc for getting the resin into fin plug/box holes??

I'm filling my holes around halfway, then using icy pole sticks to drop some extra resin in to top the holes....THERE'S GOTTA BE A BETTER WAY!!

i had someone suggest using a 'sauce squeeze bottle' but wouldn't that clog up and mean using a new bottle for every board?!!

Heeeeeellllpppp, I am making a real mess trying to top up my plug and leash holes, which is ok as it sands off, but THERE'S GOTTA BE A BETTER WAY!!

Thanks again


Hey Saltbush ...........

How goes it old mate ???

If you PM MoonieMick I believe he's got this down to a fine art !!!!!!!

He's perfected this very process and is quit generous in sharing his findings with all types of plug systems

Drop him a line ....


PS If that draws a blank try Huie !!!!

I use glue syringes.  You can buy them at the hardware store or a boat store.  If I was doing production I would use a ketchup bottle.

Google “disposable pipettes” and find a company.

I can get a 100 for $10 US 

they work perfect and you can cut the tips so they don’t clog.

I just use a small paper cup (same one I mix the resin & color in) and squeeze it so there is “v” in the side to pour/drip out of…with a bit of practice you can drip the resin right where you want it and in very accurate quantities.

Keith, I hope you are not saying we shouldn’t have a tool for that task.  I was just about ready to make something out of paper clips, twist ties and the lost foam method.

Saltbush I sent PM

Mako224 's picture , those are the syringes I was talking about , approx 30ml.



     Howzit reg, I use the same cups that Keith does if he uses Dixie cupswhich is fine since you can squeeze them to make a pour spout and then just toss them when pau. I think you can get a hundred or so for about $3.00 and they have more uses. Aloha,Kokua