digweed and sasha…loveem

elecronic music has been a huge part of the stlye of work we put out.

obiwan and the storm trooper both influenced me to open my mind to new music.

when you work all night till dawn the beat goes on!

and on!


sprinkel a little suger on top pour it out.

come back for more another hit no doubt.

drixxle here drixxle there

3 liitle pigs in one big house.

the big bad wolf blows it all away in one big puff.

back fill to make it ill.

and thats how thems get layed out

is this secret’s that you want to share but are compelled to tawnt us with mumbojumbo? Vader this is a good thread you guys should make and sell and instructional video showing how to achieve certain effects with resin colors I guarrantee you will sell a boat load of them

as far as the tunes go its to each his own

I prefer silence but sometimes classic rock works for me

wouldnt that be selling out?

the goo monkey movie will tell more than enough without the need to formalize it. you just have to pay close attention, and the more you watch it the more you will learn.

At the moment

Jack Johnson

John Buttler Trio


yes…stuff that has a definite foward direction in sounds ie: electronic music(not to loud though, gotta listen to the board talking you know?), the weirder the better, but it has to go somewhere. i find the repetition of techno-ish music to be the best for me when doing a large batch of boards all night long. for doing 1-2 boards…dub reggae or Hendrix, led zep, stones. music is very important though…gets you in a rhythm to be consistent!



Dimmu Borgir


The Flaming Lips


Talking Heads

Stevie Wonder





The Advantage Band (NES covers)

Dub shit

“goo monkey movie” ???

please educate me

what is that?

uh oh, gravy’s a head!

my wife always wonders what I’m laughing at…

I tell her, “David Byrne”.


Depending on my mood.

Social D., Dead Kennedy’s, NOFX etc…


Burning Spear, Michael Rose, Eek-a-Mouse etc…


A Tribe Called Quest, Jurassic 5, De La Soul etc…

I guess anything but country.

I’ll even throw in some drum & bass (aphrodite)ish, break beats (simply jeff)ish, or house (mark farina)ish

ya !!! old school punk ; reggae(eek a mouse is king! badda ding ding); 90 s hip hop. some heavy bass dubstep

Usually only listen to the wireless but when I’m sanding I like BUSTA HYMEN AND THE PENETRATORS or POPIN MOMMAS.

I like to listen to “shuffle” which at the moment ends up in a selection of:

Acoustic surf (Jack Johnson, etc)

Punk (Minor Threat, Misfits, Agent Orange, Social D, Bad Religion)

Psycho/Rockabilly (Nekromantix, Hellbillys, Meteor, Chop Tops, Batmobile, Amazing Royal Crowns)

British Modern Rock (Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys)

Rap (Public Enemy, Dre, Wu Tang)

Reggae (Bob , Damion Marley, SOJA, Eeka Mouse, Dandy Livingstone, Hepcat)

And then whatever the hell you would call bands like Muse and Mars Volta (Jazz fusion/rock??)

No power tools yet, so music all the time.

The Human Abstract

Protest the Hero (canadian metal all the way!)

The Fall of Troy


Oh, Sleeper

Enter Shikari




Led Zeppelin is the worst cover band EVER!

Jimmy Page is bad tho

That’s O.K. Chris,  I’ll get you to come around at Plasket.  Just like the Jahova’s Whitnesses.  I’ll come by around dinner time.  Blast the tunes outside your tent.  You’ll see the light.

hahaha oh, don’t get me wrong, they ROCK! And, Kashmir is BAD!

I used to be a big fan.

Until I learned about them stealing songs and claiming them as their own.

If they had covered songs and given credit where due, that would be one thing.

But, blatantly stealing then lying about who wrote them is cause for boycott IMO.

I don’t ride chinese popouts and I don’t listen to Led Zeppelin.


but, I have friends that do both so, don’t let me dissuade you.



Same. I had the first two Zep albums but gave them to my GFs kid brother. Individually, they were pretty good rock musicians. I just didn’t care for the material.