to australian swaylockians ... "busting down the door"....

…any of you guys here seen it ??

i checked out the photo book the other day , it looks great !

JOSH , IF you still post here …

it’s on at avoca tonight [if you didn’t alreay know?]

and M.R. , Rabbit , and Shaun will be on hand to sign autographs , apparently ??

… hicksy , pascal , lavz, sandgroper , “surfaddict”[?],

it’s on here in W.A. -

at innaloo greater union , 28th january …that’s if you’re interested ?

cheers !


went on the 14th in newcastle great movie would recommend you dont miss it.Surf movie are awesome on the big screen

If you heavily relate to that era its a definite ‘must see’.

But hardly worth a second view or buying the DVD.

Perhaps a tad light in relevant surfing footage.

Hey Chip

Saw B.D.T.D at the Aussie premiere at Noosa last March, great movie and a special night with Bugs , MR , Shaun and PT on hand to chat.

From my perspective that era was the beginning of pro surfing and in some ways the beginning of the end, if we only knew then what we know now would we have been so stoked that surfing was getting the recognition we thought it deserved ? Personally I think it lost a lot of it’s essence becoming a mainstream ‘sport’ but there is still a lot to enjoy. The story is well told with honesty from both sides.

The waves were /are awesome.



…thanks for the feedback guys

hopefully a bunch of us wozzies can go and see it soon…

did it also have hawaiians in the movie ? [dane , buttons , larry?]



Don’t tell him anything. Your copy is going in the mail tommorrow! Mike


did it also have hawaiians in the movie ? [dane , buttons , larry?]

cant recall if they were in it. But there were ‘Hawaiians’

played by white actors with makeup…so that must count.

Shaun Thompson’s best acting since ‘In Gods Hands’.

had little bit of them not much surfing of theirs mainly interview about them bashing rabbit some footage of eddie in big surf some big wipe out