to Gene

Gene, congratulations on the Surfers Journal article. Your boards are beautiful, and it is nice to see you get the recognition you deserve. I enjoy checking your website for your latest masterpiece. Keep up the great work!!

can’t wait to catch the new issue…best glass jobs i have seen…maybe we can get him to post some more,he pops in every once in a while…come on down Gene…

I know where there are some brand new Cooper Fish for sale at a bit of a discount. Go here:;f=1;t=053719 e-mail me at if interested.

where do you live? im in san diego and im interested

I’m in Ventura. Let me know. You can use the e-mail in my previous post. Later.

Looking forward to the article. It’s long overdue.

you dont have it yet gregg?

sammy his partner makes alot of boards for his pals here at hollywood beach