to repair or restore?

i’ve got an old beater board that i was going to fix up a bit so that i’d have an extra rider. problem is it’s got some many serious dings on it that i’m thinking it may just be easier and faster just to rip off the old glass and either glass it myself or send it to a glasser. any idea on what’s a reasonable cost to glass a 8 footer at a glass shop? JR’s mini-whaler looks great. didn’t he do something like this? maybe i could do the same thing with my board. any thoughts on this one? thanks a mil, dave walsh p.s. SWAYLOCK’S ROCKS!!!

don’t do it…it’s easier to fix the dings…if you rip off the glass it will cost you the same as glassing a new board ( $250.00/$350.00 )if not more!!!

well, then again i was thinking this might be an excellent chance for me to try my hand at glassing. maybe it’s time for me to graduate from using sun cure for every repair. while i’m a bit scared of the mess i really want be too out of luck if i screw it up. around how much do you think it’ll cost in glass fabric & resin? also, i guess i should watch a video first. any suggestions? tx, dave walsh

Howzit Dave, reglassing an old blank can be a nightmare, especially a beater board. Think about fixing the dings,sanding the whole board then rehot coating with or without some color and sanding again. Good Luck , Aloha, Kokua